Wednesday, December 1, 2010


With the current threat outside of the galaxy we got to work trying to figure out how exactly the device that made the shield worked, we also were very busy learning all the new technology we suddenly had access to. The weapons were very nice to have, the upgrades went pretty smoothly, the technology wasn't terribly different but with the differences we realized major upgrades in weapon capability. The boost to shields was nice as well, we utilized a multi-layer shield approach, meaning the frequency flaws in their shields would be covered by our shields and any potential flaws in our shields would be covered by their's. As we had suspected, the destruction of the ship and the energy blast had come from their power and gravity drives, which meant we could not get the gravity drive functions again, not that it mattered, I think our way of moving around was much more effective. The absolute best thing we were able to get from the wreckage was their communication system, it was completely different than what the cubes had been using. With this we were going to be able to intercept a few of their communications and be able to know what their plans were, at least until they figured it out and changed their system. There were only a handful of survivors and they were moments from death when we found them, luckily our healing technology was enough to revive them. We had no desire to speak with them and so once they were all rounded up, healed and had provisions to survive we left them in the new station that had been constructed, our hope was to return them to their people when we figured out how the shield worked.

The probe we had attached to the device integrated with it more and more with each passing moment, learning more about the system and how it functioned. The device had first drawn power from the probe when it attached, but once it hit the star and shield protecting it also drew its power from the star itself. Given enough time, billions upon billions of years, it might actually draw enough power from the star to make a difference in the output of heat or light. The more information it gave us the more our technology changed, with the information we were getting we might actually be able to construct bases that could survive being inside a star, though the light might be a little much to handle. The second shield that it was projecting out was based upon the amount of available power in the star itself. It wasn't the device that produced the shield, but rather the star itself did once you put the right mixture of signals and power fluctuations in it. Slowly we figured out how they made the shield allow certain things through and which direction they could go, with this information and a few more resources shot into the sun to allow for some upgrades we were able to develop a very sophisticated monitoring system for this star and all the surrounding planets, this would ensure the safety of Ambri's home world and the race of aliens that lived on one of the neighboring planets for as long as the star survived. With this problem solved we stripped our technolgies from the prisoners station and pushed it out to the ships on the other side of the shield. Of course while we did this they tried to destroy us, but the star shield held fast against anything they could throw at it. Once they had their prisoners we returned to our research, hoping to find a way to travel outside of this system without them being able to monitor us.

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