Sunday, December 5, 2010

Something Good

I had been taking Nasero's classes on the Golvenar language, his classes were pretty easy and I understood enough of the language to communicate with them in just a day and a half. With this knowledge and a translating program on my wrist computer I went down to their home planet to see how things were going. I knew there was quite a bit of construction from the war that had been taking place on the planet but they were making good progress. We had even deployed a few drones to give them a hand in reconstructing things. As I walked around most of them seemed to avoid me, it was well known among them that I seemed to be the leader of the ship and as such was someone to be feared. I wanted to relieve this fear, I had no desire to lord over them in any way. So, once I had found a spot that I could provide some help I got to work moving materials around and assisting in the construction process. I avoided using most of our advanced technology, aside from the heavy energy. They marvelled at how quickly I could move things around and eventually started talking to me while we worked.

I learned that their technology had been advanced enough to perform easy movement from the surface of a planet and into space, however most everything had to be moved by hand or machine, though they didn't have many construction machines. Most of their efforts had been in overcoming the weapons of the other nations. Disease had been cured on their planet from their research in genetics, so biological weapons such as viruses were not possible for them, which is why they had turned to modifying animal life to make the perfect weapon. Few of them remained that knew much of the project however and those that did would not go back to that kind of work, they feared what had been created. With the help of Nasero and Evan they had been creating schools to help educate their people, turning the lower class into more of a middle class and evening out their societal standings. They had no king or ruler now, just an elected governing body that was currently occupying the space station. Some of the new technology that was being developed was modes of transportation, they had war vehicles before but nothing that would carry large amounts of their people or goods from one location to another, or, at least nothing remaining that could have accomplished this task. They were developing a new ship to fly into space as well, it was intended to be used to explore the current system and to allow them to learn more and potentially move farther in their understanding of the universe as they explored it. I knew it would be quite some time before they could leave their solar system and we made sure to give them no head starts in this either, it would be important that we maintain our relationship with them but only help in small ways to move them forward. They understood this as well and didn't press to get any of the better technology, they were mearly happy with having a place to go where they could marvel at what was possible and try their best to make it themselves as well. We did, however, help them make cleaner technology. I remembered some of the history of the Earth that I had read and didn't want their progress to destroy the planet, so we assisted them a bit in understanding solar energy and other forms of natural power.

By the end of the work day we had nearly finished the structure, it turned out to be a library which I was happy about. They would begin collecting as much of their literature and history as they could and we planned to have a computer constructed in it to take in all this information, sort it, organize it and relay it to whoever asked. As I returned to my room on the station I got a mental image from Ambri. She was enjoying the sunset on her planet, watching it from the beach she frequented most. The clouds turned from golden yellow to brilliant orange followed by a deep red and finally purple. As the light faded from the sky she gazed up at the stars and showed me the different constellations that she grew up with. I could feel peace and joy coming from her thoughts as she shared them with me, it was nice to have something good for a change.

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