Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nap Time

The ship was advanced, I don't even think the cube could compare to it. I took scans of everything, trying to figure out how to reverse engineer it or at least repair it. The materials weren't foreign to us but the design and use of the materials was, a lot of it just didn't make sense. To make it worse the more I scanned the less sense it actually made. Things seemed so backwards and yet here it was, all of it had been working before. There seemed to be so many redundant connections in the technology, everything was connected to everything else and sometimes two connections going to the same part. Eventually I had to leave the ship for awhile, the thing perplexed me and I just had to take a break.

When I returned to Niracina I went to see how Ambri was doing. The aliens had seemed to take a liking to her but when I arrived most of them were sleeping, just a couple were sitting near her playing with the toys. They seemed less clingy to everything that they had now and didn't hoard as much as possible. She smiled at me as I entered the room and the aliens near her were a bit startled and moved away, but after I sat down next to her they starting coming closer again. When they worked up their courage they started peering at me and poking at my hair and skin. It wasn't terribly dissimilar from Ambri's so they didn't spend much time doing this, however their touch was cool and their fingers had a sticky feel to them, each time they pulled away there was a distinct breaking away that had to happen, though it wasn't unpleasant, just strange. I picked up a few toys nearby, none of the residue from their fingers remained on them. I stacked the toys as carefully as I could, their eyes were fixed on what I was doing. When I finished I had a tower about as high as my shoulders when I was sitting. One of them reached for it and when it had touched it the tower fell over. Their eyes grew wide with delight in seeing it fall and scatter. They brought more toys over to me to do the same thing again. This was repeated for probably about twenty minutes before they started doing it themselves. I talked to Ambri about what I had seen on the ship and how complicated it was. She listened attentively though I knew I was mostly talking to try to figure out how it all worked. As the conversation continued on the rest of the alien children fell asleep and we left them to their dreams.

Once we were back in the control room I turned over the scans to Niracina to assist in figuring out the other ship. The communication system would be repaired soon which meant we might be able to get some additional help as well. As she poured over all the images and technical information that had been gathered she wondered how this ship functioned at all, none of it made any sense and when it was replicated in a simulation it simply failed, though she did notice something I had overlooked. There was a small component in every piece that seemed to work independently from the rest, there were no traces of any of the connections hitting it, in fact, it seemed to be protected inside of the components and only the deeper scans had even started to see it being there. I returned to the ship to get some better scans of it.

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