Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Second Generation

Using what little information I had from what I'd read of the history of Earth we were making little bits of progress. Technology was powerful in and of itself and brute force would eventually get us to the end result, but not in a timely manner. We could try to engineer life for it, but we would be engineering it to destroy itself which wasn't what we wanted to do. The solution, if natural, would have to be able to change the atmosphere and then be able to thrive in what it became. This wouldn't be easy an easy task and we could not be sure of what the outcome would be, so for now we continued running simulations with different variables in it while hoping to find a planet that was almost ready but without life on it already. While the scenarios ran I received a message on my wrist computer. It was the new ship, it had finished growing and was on its way to the station.

When the ship arrived it wasn't exactly as I had pictured it, the ship had adapted itself to its environment, though it was still a very nice looking ship. Initial analysis of it revealed that the internal environment was fit for life and so I entered my new ship for the first time. Once inside I hooked into a console and began initializing the systems and configured the communications to fit our current setup on the station. It was through the station backbone that our data and chatter would go through to reach Nasero, this would provide some safety for both him and the new ship. The ship was young, that much was clear, it would have to be taught some things. It appeared to have the start of intelligence, though it would take some time to know for sure. It at least seemed to be aware where in the ship I was and accomodated my movements by opening doors and changing the lighting. The ship was conserving power which was a feature I hadn't initially thought to program into it. The garden area of it was still developing, though it appeared to be nearly ready to start producing food. The living chamber was beautifully done, the bed was comfortable and the lighting perfect for my tasks. It appeared through my design the ship understood what I was hoping for and had improved it slightly, which led me to believe there was more to this ship than I had originally designed. As I made my way towards the control room Nasero informed me that the ship was indeed different, his scans showed some adaptations had occurred while it was growing. While this wasn't anticipated it didn't seem dangerous to him, however he asked me to be on my guard as we were not sure where the adaptations had stemmed from. When I reached the control room there appeared to be quite a bit not implemented yet, there was no display or controls, just a chair. I was reminded of the chair in the other ship and also in the cube, the one that would have allowed them to strip me completely of all I knew and had robbed me of what I had learned. I had Evan come to supervise and when he was there I cautiously sat down on the chair. As my head rested fully into it I felt something reaching into my mind, something different but much more pleasing than anything I had felt in one of these chairs previously.

The voice was soothing, distinctly feminine when compared to what Nasero had developed. The voice was not outside, but in my mind. It soothed me and tried to calm me from my initial shock. It was the new ship, and though it appeared to not be complete in actuality it was more complete than any of us had realized. The controls would not be growing in this room as the ship was built to utilize its inherent mindforce abilities. It had developed them more as it was growing into its desired shape. Its will was to form itself in a way to please the master of it. When I had engineered the seed my energies had been felt and as it grew it felt my presence and knew my desires. These desires had been better known when the emotional crystal creation had occurred and much of the changes in the ship had been done in the last day of growth. The ship would have limited controls outside of this chair interface, but was still mostly autonomous and controllable through my wrist computer, though the computer would need to be upgraded with the new technology that the ship had grown. The ship clearly wasn't as intelligent as Nasero, however it had enough to make this ship ideal for my purposes and it would do all it could to ensure I had what I needed. After being assured of its purpose and mission I leaned forward in the chair, severing the mind connection. I then took off my wrist computer and set it in a bin that opened up in the arm rest. The ship would do the rest of the work needed.

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