Monday, December 27, 2010


Sure enough, every component had the strange, disconnected piece in it. With it being embedded deeply it was difficult to see what it might do or see the circuitry in it. Eventually I just took one of the components back to Niracina with me to get some more information about it. Once it was inserted into the slot she used to modify our wrist computers she began analyzing the piece. We made sure to not do anything that might break it as we had no idea if this was an important component or not. As she scanned the thing within different spectrums a schematic for the device was made. Each scan showed something more and eventually the thing actually started to make sense, or at least the single component made sense, the rest of it just seemed to be garbage filler. The small component seemed to be a computer of sorts, it had circuitry and what appeared to be a small processor. It even looked like there was a small power source with something else attached to it. It seemed like it might be the key to controlling the ship, however with it being disconnected from the rest of it we weren't sure how it could do much.

As Niracina and I were going over the technology Ambri was busying herself with some modifications to the ship design, it appeared she intended the aliens to stay with us and wanted to make sure they couldn't get into trouble or eat all of our food. She designed some small fences to be constructed in the garden and had some locks put in place to ensure we could close off more areas of the ship. The control chairs were already tailored to us individually so they had no way of messing with those. Any access panel or console was locked down as well so that they couldn't open up anything and damage the systems we were relying on. She was pretty good at coming up with a childproof system, which was more than I could say about the other ship, everything had been so easy to access, which made me realize why everything made so little sense. The components in the ship weren't connected purposefully to make the ship run, they had been connected by children who didn't know what they were doing. The only reason the ship functioned at all was because of these small isolated circuits in each piece. The lifeline of the ship probably lied in these components and they likely communicated wirelessly and drew their power from a transmitter on the ship. I retrieved the component from Niracina and went back to the alien vessel. I had to get this piece back in place and see if I could find where the power station was located.

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