Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting to Know the Ship

The first thing the ship wanted to know was who it was addressing. I figured my chances weren't good to be able to remain on the ship once I identified myself, however I also figured not answering might not be a good idea either. So I told it who I was and was very much surprised that it greeted me instead of telling me I wasn't authorized to be there. I then asked it what kind of ship it was and it replied that it was just a standard class of ship, intended for families to go between planets. The programming on the ship was done in such a way to be accomodating to anything that was on it. The ship informed me that there were a few systems that were down that it would need to properly accomodate my needs, the first of which was the advanced psychic sensors that would allow it to be able to sense my needs. I informed the ship that I wasn't quite ready to turn those on again for it and then continued working out informing it who I was and figuring out what it was supposed to be doing.

From what I could gather from the ship's information there had been a battle and their side had been losing. The high council of the builders of this ship had decided to try to save their race by putting their children into stasis and sending them out great distances to keep them safe, then when they could find a home for them they could send a signal to bring the ships to it. However, it had been a long time since the ship had left the galaxy with its precious cargo, the life support systems on the stasis chambers were running out and so the ship had to recently revive the children while it looked for resources to fix and recharge its systems. The only problem was that once the children were free they began to explore and play with the components of the ship. They disabled quite a few things but before they had disabled the AI it had deployed a web trying to catch some objects that had passed by, hoping that these objects would yield the materials it needed. The objects had been the probes we sent out, and its scans had revealed quite a few resources which might do the trick, the only problem was how fast they were, however it had hoped they would pass by again allowing it to capture them in the web. The induced sleep was a standard procedure when using the web, the ship had to make sure that whatever it caught, if it had organic life on it, that it would protect itself and the children from it by putting it into such a state. The ship then began to inquire what exactly I was doing, as the drone was busy modifying various panels on the ship.

Once I had explained the steps we were taking to ensure the children could not tinker with the its parts the ship allowed us to continue without question. I finished bringing the systems online that it required, except for the advanced psychic components. I just wasn't ready for something else to start probing my mind. With all of these systems online and the ship nearly ready to host the children again I inquired of it what it planned to do once it was fully repaired and had its cargo again. It said it would put the children back into stasis and continue to wait for the signal to return home. At this statement I asked it what would happen if it never received the signal, to which it replied that the children would remain in stasis indefinitely. Ambri must have sensed my emotions on this because as soon as the ship had finished the statement she began inquiring what was going on. I excused myself from the ship and let her know what I had figured out, to which she replied that we couldn't allow that. I returned to the control consoles and began finding out what I could about what we could do to get it to change its programming and allow the children to stay awake and for us to check on what exactly happened to their race.

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