Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tailoring the Crystals

Using what I felt I attempted to recreate that feeling with a different emotion. The easiest one to access would be joy. I had much to be happy about, having friends and a new home. Helping a civilization rebuild and repopulating a planet. Things were looking up. Using this joy I attempted to make a connection with the fragments that we had experienced before, Ambri was aware that I was conducting the next phase of testing and had made herself available, though she would not be participating this time. It took awhile to start feeling the emotion on the same level, it was like trying to embody what you felt on a level that, well, most guys I know could not do. With slight prompting from Ambri however I eventually reached that point and as my energy connected with the fragments I felt it being amplified. The fragments seemed to bounce the energy back and forth between them, causing them to all be linked and eventually they formed a bond that felt similar to the one Ambri and I shared. Once the bond was formed the fragments came together and a small crystal was formed, it was at this point I stopped, not wanting to get sucked into an emotional state that I couldn't handle. It was now clear that any emotion could do it, but the next question was did this crystal work like the others?

The crystal did amplify like the other ones, but not quite in the same way. When tested with different forces the crystal seemed strongest with the aspects of healing. It was the strongest crystal yet when used in one of the healing devices and also worked well with shields, though not quite as well as it worked when used with its seemingly preferred energy. This made me wonder if we could tailor our crystals to different things based on the emotion we used. The next test would involve the emotion of rage, this would be easy enough to pull forth by remembering the death beasts. To prepare for this experiment we had a special room built with internal shields to prevent any destructive energy that I might build up from being able to escape, the shield was designed to absorb the energy, we just hoped it would work if I were forced to unleash at it. When everything was ready Ambri, Evan and Nasero were attending, watching from the safety of an adjoining room.

It only took moments for me to put myself in the right emotional state, those creatures had such an effect on me and knowing what they were made for and that they had no other purpose just made it that much easier. The fragments bounced the energies I sent towards them around madly and the room grew dark as it was enhanced. The feeling grew and grew and would overtake me if I wasn't careful. Rage was a dangerous emotion to play with, but we needed to know how the fragments would react to it in order to better understand how this all worked. As they drew together the crystal that formed wasn't clear like the previous ones. This one was a dark, deep red. As it came together it grew much faster than the rest and the emotions started to take over me. When the crystal had reached the size of my head Nasero tried to talk me out of it, but the state could not be broken. Ambri and Evan tried in vain as well to break the link and eventually the only thing that I could feel that kept me from going over the edge was the link with Ambri. As I became aware of that I realized that the rage coursing through me was doing her harm as well. With this realization I was able to break free of its death grip on me, but could not stop the emotion completely. In order to free myself of this sinister emotion that gripped me I translocated out, to a peaceful place down on the planet. I remembered the sunset that she had shown me from this location and that brought me further out of the state I had been in. Within a few minutes of sitting there staring at the waves and listening to their sounds I felt like myself again. When I translocated up Ambri embraced me and asked me to promise never to create a crystal like this again, I had no problem making that promise. The crystal was larger than the first one Ambri and I had made, it had grown for the few minutes it had taken for me to calm down on the planet and it showed a lot of potential. The crystal, as we suspected would be the case, would accept no other energy aside from destructive. We used it to enhance our weapons which was the only good purpose for it but secretly hoped that we would never have to use these weapons again. After this creating various, non-sinister crystals was easy. We had enough data from what had happened to start working on creating environments to try creating these crystals, though the initial attempts hadn't produced anything yet.

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