Saturday, December 25, 2010


When the toys were done I presented them to the aliens, immediately at the sight of these objects they stopped ignoring me and kept their eyes fixed on what I held. I moved the objects around and watched their eyes as they glistened with desire for what I had. The first object I threw to them was a simple, colorful rubber ball. They all went scrambling to get the object first and when one of them had it the creature ran away from the rest. In order to spare it from the others I threw a few more toys until each one had their own. They then sat there where they were and explored the object, testing out the properties of it and a few of them putting it in their mouth to see what it tasted like. This answered my question pretty quickly about how advanced these particular aliens were. They also began chattering to one another while pointing to the objects they had. Niracina recorded this chatter to send to Nasero when the communications system was running again. We had her construct a new room for these aliens, we couldn't leave them on a broken ship but we could not allow them to run around and break more of Niracina's systems.

With the room finished it didn't take much to lure them into it, a few more toys tossed into it did the trick. I felt like I was watching children at Christmas time, merrily playing with their presents. Ambri decided to spend some time with them, to try to teach them and learn their language. Niracina assured me she would keep an eye on her and I prepared to board the alien ship to explore it. I had a drone constructed to assist in this in case there was something we missed in the scans. Once we boarded the ship we started walking around, trying to orient ourselves to the layout. It made a lot of sense, it was like any other ship I had been on, the control room to the front and the living quarters towards the back. The kitchen, as I was going to call it, was in the middle, though it consisted of only a single table and some chairs with a device hanging above it that I assumed produced some sort of food substance for the aliens to eat. The technology in the control room was dark, our attack had disabled all the systems. It would take some time, but my plan was to get the systems repaired and learn how it had produced the energy that it did.

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