Saturday, December 4, 2010

Restoring a Planet

With one enemy contained and the other retreating we were finally going to be able to enjoy some rest. Ambri took this opportunity to take me down to her former home and show me what few sites remained. Many of the mountains and caves were still in place and the plants seemed to be doing well, hopefully within a year or two they would seed and create more life on the planet. She showed me the beaches she had walked along so many times before and where the villages she knew had been. At a few spots we located some remnants of previous life that had been on the planet, little bits of debris from the homes of animals or bits of fur that were blowing in the wind. These things she gathered up and as we finished our tour of her home I realized that we might be able to do more with her planet than just restore some plant life to it.

I had more probes go and explore the surface of the planet and the depths of its oceans. The creatures had been thorough in their destruction of life but they had not destroyed everything yet, there were many tiny bits of animals still left to be found. Nasero analyzed the remnants and informed us that he would indeed be able to reconstruct some of them, at least the ones that he had a complete strand of DNA from and ones that made sense to do, meaning ones that came up with breeding pairs. It wouldn't make sense to create life that couldn't sustain itself. We opted to keep the fragments off of her home world, but with the help of the Golvenar's data we were able to accelerate the growth of the specimens and some plant samples as well resulting in some reforestation of her planet a little faster than originally anticipated and in a few days we hoped to release the first species back into her world.

Ambri spent quite a bit of time reconstructing her world from her memories, having the probes and drones placing the plants in the areas she remembered them being in. The plants in the sea were a bit easier to bring back as they settled themselves into the most pleasing locations. At the pace she was going she would have the planet populated with plant life about a day before any of the animal life was ready to be returned to it, not that this was a problem, there would need to be plenty of life for the animals to live in and thrive off of. We made sure to construct a dome around the plants she had put there, we wanted to make it a sanctuary for the only life that had survived the destruction. The baby plants would be cared for by drones and she would have a little dwelling inside of it so that when she wanted to visit she could be among these things that she had put so much care into preserving. She made plans for how her garden would look as the plants grew and Nasero had it programmed into the drones to ensure her vision would be carried out in the dome.

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