Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lack of Connections

With our ship no longer moving the energy slowed in closing in around us. There was nothing in the visible spectrum, but hidden behind what could be seen was this energy. We tried in vain to get some scans through it, to see beyond, but for us there was only this cocoon that we were trapped in. The energy did no harm to Niracina, she bumped up against it several times trying to see if there was a way through it, but the energy was springy and pushed her back into the middle. There appeared to be no signs of a weak spot in it either. As the day passed on we grew weary, Ambri eventually falling asleep despite the danger we feared we were in. At one point I too drifted off into slumber.

When we awoke only one thing had changed, Niracina had not felt anything different about this energy, no shifts, no signs that anything was controlling it or planned to come through it, but now we could not see anything beyond it. It was just there, surrounding us, blocking us off from everything. I started trying to send different types of energy into it, trying to find one that could break through. Each type of force was mearly absorbed and the web seemed to grow stronger from it. At one point we even had the ship try to absorb some of the energy, but it was too alien and different for her to be able to process it, though she was able to recover the force energies I had sent into it. Though we didn't have a wormhole drive or gate to try I attempted to make one through it, but all I could do was feel the powers run into the barrier and I was quickly tired out from the effort. It seemed direct energy contact with it caused the web to pull more energy from what was hitting it, meaning I couldn't do direct strikes against it without risking the web actually absorbing all my life forces. Niracina was able to once again recover the energy, but she had no way to restore it to me.

Eventually the energy in the web seemed to be weakening, though we couldn't break free. We simply had to wait for it to dissipate. It was a long process but as we were finally able to see we realized that, once again, some thing had thrown us off course. That wouldn't have been too bad considering this time we had bases that we could attempt to contact, however when we tried to use the communication system it would not work. It appeared the web had done more than just move us, it had disabled some of our systems. We could not construct probes to explore for us and could not get the communications to work. There was nothing wrong with them, they simply would not do what they were supposed to do. We ran multiple diagnostics on the systems but from what we could see there should be no reason it did not work. Having failed to use our technology to figure out where we were we started exploring the system we now found ourselves in.

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