Saturday, December 11, 2010


The information that came from the new stations was proving very useful. Fighting against the gravitational forces of three different stars was providing us with the knowledge we needed to understand the gravity drives of the alien ships and ways to interrupt them, not permanently but enough to be able to get away if they were able to improve them. We also might be able to use this knowledge to not only interrupt them but to cast them away to where we would want them to be. This could prove useful in order to hinder them for longer periods of time instead of having to destroy more of their kind. We also were able to improve the stations as well, making them more comfortable to be in for those of us affected by the extra gravity that was there. The plants that had been engineered for the environment were doing well, with the abundance of light there was no shortage of energy for them, just water. It took awhile to get enough there to balance the system, but once the amount was correct the plants provided all the clean oxygen that would be needed for life. The energy producing research had yet to start in these stations, it would take some time to make them as safe as they needed to be before that could start. The design of the stations was being improved as well, and using the wormhole gates to transport the materials they needed made it easy. The plan was to eventually make the stations capable of sustaining several individuals at a time, which would be for future use so long as our allies progressed in this direction. Their assistance would be most welcome in these stations but we still wanted to make sure they progressed at their own pace, so the gates were locked out for them to these stations as well. Nasero had several other plants planned for this type of station, but it would take some time and more research to develop them properly, though when they were finished they would be able to provide food and also decorate the recreational areas of these stations as well.

The life going down to Hopdfen took to the reconstructed planet well. Each species quickly found its place and by now we were well on our way to having it restored to nearly its former glory. With each step we learned more about how to do this should we find another chance in the future. We had almost lost a couple of species when we brought others in, but before they were lost they found a way to adapt and survive with their new neighbors. The life down on the planet really was spectacular, each form of life had a delicate grace to it that was truly unique to this world. It was a shame that some of the life that once existed here would never be seen again. This gave me an interesting thought though, I went to Ambri to find out if she could create trinkets in rememberance of some of the things that would not be returning. As she created these I worked on creating technology that would be able to display what she remembered of them, so that at least they would exist in an archive of life. Of course, no technology would be able to actually use the energy to view the trinket memory, but by viewing her memory I should be able to create a recording, replicating what I saw. This would allow potentially many to appreciate what life there was and what it means to use others for your own gain. I had a few probes go and record the other life on the planet so that we could have a complete collection of information about the life of the planet.

Once all the information was gathered and the trinkets were made I worked on integrating all the information into a database. Translating the memories to it was the hardest, I had to view them many times to get it all right, but when I was done I showed it to Ambri. She was very pleased with the work I had done and consented that this information should be available on the station instead of just on the planet. I had two consoles created, one on the station and one on the planet, that way we could view it down there among the other life and the Golvenar could view it on the station. Quite a few of them came to see the life that was and once was on the planet. There was much weeping among many of them, they had not seen such life before and to know that it was lost because of their history made it difficult, but they appreciated being able to see it, it would help them maintain their change and to avoid such bloodshed in the future.

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