Monday, December 20, 2010


Like all other powers, creating trinkets got easier with practice. I still wasn't an expert but I could create two handfuls of trinkets now before feeling drained. We spent some more time after creating the trinkets back in the chairs exploring the invisible universe, this time remembering to take a break for food. The plants in the garden were doing well and many of them had flowers on them, the sweet smell of them made it easy to forget that we were in a small ship. The vining plants had started climbing the walls, further removing the feel of the ship. It was a nice little haven to visit and in a few more days would probably be a place to completely escape the feeling of being trapped. As we sat in the garden I recalled some of the things I had learned about Niracina, namely her power system. It literally was her heart, the power that was in it was her life energy, she formed it, it wasn't infinite by any means but it was potent and replenished itself quickly. Most of her systems could run with very little drain on it, but if pressed we would be draining the life from her. I had inquired if she wanted a backup system, however she was confident that she would be able to take what was thrown at her. The power was taken from the heart to the rest of the ship through crystal veins, she had them running everywhere. The power that went through them was amplified, meaning tiny amounts that started off from the heart grew by leaps and bounds by the time it reached its destination, which explained why the systems had such little drain. It did make me wonder some more how exactly these crystals did it, I mean, they just seemed to be able to amplify indefinitely without decay or pulling from somewhere else. I made a mental note to keep looking into it later, when I wasn't spending time relaxing.

I must have dozed off in my thoughts, Ambri woke me up with some urgency. Something had come up on the sensors, something we hadn't seen before. I went to the chair to get a direct link to the sensors and what they were seeing. It was like a shield in reading however its function seemed more like a fishing net. Scans showed that it would hinder our progress and we were getting closer to it with every moment. We quickly turned away from it, however the scans continued to show it in front of us and closing, eventually we had to stop our jump due to lack of space. The net was closing in and there would be no escape from it. In desperation we ran other scans but the net was complete, any means of movement we had or previously experienced were blocked by this force. Even our communications would not penetrate it. All we could do now is wait to see what it was that had us.

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