Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Turning it All On

Unfortunately the translation process didn't have a chance to get too far before I needed rest. Running around a ship trying to get things working had worn me out quite a bit. The children and Ambri had already gone to sleep when I finally got back to the ship. I ate a quick meal before going to bed, though I didn't get much sleep. I kept having visions of the ship, ones where I could see the previous crew manning the different stations and frantically trying to do something. Eventually I felt I had as much rest as I was going to get and returned to my work on the ship. Nasero had worked out quite a few more translations and once they were in I could see what I wanted to see in a language I actually understood. Using the information I was able to locate a few more key systems that I wanted up and running, though I had not yet found the big database of information or any kind of ship's logs. Once enough of the systems were operational I had Niracina take all the information and begin designing some child proofing on this ship as we had done with our own. The drone would perform this work while I continued trying to get the rest of the systems working.

I wasn't sure what the piece did that I just connected, but it made the ship's consoles flash some pretty intense colors and the noise was a bit irritating. When I got to the control panel I saw that the ship was alerting me about systems being down, I must have finally found a master diagnostics control, one that should be able to start telling me where things were and what some of the unknown pieces did. The first thing I did was turn off the alarms, I then checked to see which systems it was reporting were down. The first major one I saw was the life support monitoring system, though the life support appeared to be working this system would monitor it for me and alert me to any problems. I quickly located and connected that one which seemed to make the ship very happy. All other problems were flagged as less important and so I started looking through them to find the one I was hoping to see.

Go figure it was in the path of the same controller as the web and dream transmitter. Once I hooked up those systems I had to go and make sure to turn both of them off before we put everyone to sleep again. Having control over it put me at ease. The next thing I noticed was that images starting to appear in my head. Though it wasn't transmitting dreams the ship seemed to have a psychic circuit for some of the controls. I was sure this was how the children were able to work the ship at all. The ship was built to do what its inhabitants desired it to do. With this link it was much easier to locate other systems, which lead me to the next system I needed in the sequence to get the main computers and data online. Once these systems were going the artificial intelligence of the ship was restored and I got my first non-automated message from the ship's computer.

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