Friday, December 3, 2010

Taking Control

I felt so refreshed, something about their food and drink had made it easy to sleep. Having a private suite in one of the towers was quite nice, the view was magnificent from up here, so many stars to see and being able to watch the life below. Nasero had finished the upgrades to his systems, we should be able to travel again without being found and we had also come up with some new technology for these star devices. We should be able to shoot our own probe into the stars using the new shield we had and have the probes integrate with the device, this would allow us to take control over any of the systems they had set up as a trap for us, though I was sure we would turn the shields off. We also planned to set up a miniature power supply in each one to keep it from needing to use the energy from the star, when the one we already had control over was upgraded we noticed that with the lack of drain the shield surrounding the system could be much larger. It was kind of interesting how much their technology was limited because it took its energy from what it was trying to use. As the shield expanded the alien ships were pushed farther back, they realized we had overcome their technology and they retreated, though I was sure they would come back eventually when they had some new technological advances, though we would continue our research as well.

We began deploying probes again, double checking systems we had been to and taking over the infected stars. With one base nearly complete we had to decide where the next one would be, but there was no hurry as we had safety where we were. We made sure to test the shields in different star systems, conducting tests to see if we could improve it, remove any potential flaws from the shields. Whatever we discovered we implemented in our own star's shield, making sure that our tests were not done on an already critical system. Eventually the probes reported a system they had previously been to had new life on one of the planets. Upon closer inspection the life was found to be growing quickly, and the life was the offspring of the creature we had created. It was building an army of creatures like it, and they were making more ships like the one we had. The star in this system had been infected with a device, once we had control we developed a two shield system, one protecting the star, the other preventing things from entering or leaving the system. This threat would be contained for now, but we needed to keep an eye on them anyway.

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