Friday, December 17, 2010

Life, Changing

Sometimes you wish there was some miracle technology that could do what you need it to, and then at times when you have it you wish that wasn't the solution. In this case we wished it wasn't one of the options we were looking at. Nasero was a fantastic ship, he had adapted well to everything we needed from him, however he saw in the new ship much greater potential for having our needs fulfilled. This ended up giving him freedom for a new thought, one that could solve our problem of limited crystal resources. In order to terraform a planet we needed some advances that we just didn't have, we did have, however, technology that could do it so long as it was carefully managed. The technology was Nasero himself, his idea was to volunteer to land on the planet we had selected and take root, then use his own systems to begin the conversion process and use the habitat to slowly have it change the atmosphere. The poisons that were in the planet's atmosphere could be absorbed slowly by the plants, which meant we could vent some of the habitat's atmosphere and pull in some of the planet's, this would allow us to clean what we take in and put out some of the already cleaned air that the planet would need to properly sustain life. The process would be faster from our current simulations, but it would be a permanent change for Nasero. He would no longer be a ship but a base on a planet. Granted he had much freedom with the control he maintained over the probes and remote stations, but he would be on the planet. We thought over the idea of having him construct a body like Evan's, however he wouldn't be able to hold all the knowledge and control he currently did in such a body, and so the option was as it was proposed. The major setback to the plan aside from him being stuck on a planet was that during this whole process Ambri and I would be unable to visit him, the toxins in the atmosphere would kill us. We would still be able to communicate with him, but it wouldn't be the same. We considered the idea for awhile and played around with a few more simulations before deciding that he was right, this was the best option for us. He would take off for the planet soon, but before he did we took one more walk around the habitat.

A lot had happened with this habitat. This place had been host to us for awhile and sustained us when we had nowhere else to be. It would be hard traveling without it, though we knew that once the planet were terraformed we would be able to see it in all its glory again. The creatures would probably be happier having more room to live in as well. Things were definitely much different from when I began this journey. All of this had drawn me so far from Calypso that it was like a distant memory. I could remember how at one time it had felt like home, but now, here, this is where I needed to be. It wasn't just the habitat that I felt close to, it was my new friends and all that I had learned. I had no idea we had been so close to finding intelligent life outside of our world, just a few galaxies away really. It had avoided us, remained invisible for a time, used us for its purposes or remained as ignorant of us as we were of it. I didn't regret finding out what I was, an experiment. It actually gave me more freedom to find my place and to realize that it didn't have to be with those who looked like me. My life, my family was here, out in the middle of who knows where. I suppose it was bound to happen though, just as we were finishing our walk and I was finishing up my self-reflection I received a signal from the probes I had sent out, they had finally reached the galaxy I had sent them to and were in the process of verifying the location of it, however all the signs seemed to show that they were indeed in a known location and so that past was once again a possibility for me. Though I wasn't sure it would be something I would want again.

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