Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What a Fool

When the wrist computer was upgraded the ship notified me through Ambri's wrist computer. She decided to accompany me when I went to retrieve it. The new computer was faster and fully integrated with the ship's systems. The interface was very intuitive and quickly adapted itself to any quirks I had with the controls. I wasn't sure how this ship had created such improvements to the technology when it was growing, but it was impressive. I had the new specs uploaded to the database and Nasero used them to improve some of his own systems, though there were a few things he wasn't sure how they worked or what they did in the first place. He would communicate with the ship to learn what it had done. Meanwhile the ship requested a name for itself, it had learned about all the names of other things and desired to have a way of being uniquely identified. I worked for some time on the name, combining various words until I got a sound I liked. The ship's name would be Niracina. After that I showed Ambri around the ship and finished my own exploration of the various rooms in it. The ship wasn't huge and the rooms were cozy compared to the one I used here at the station, but they were all very well done and had everything I currently needed. Eventually we got to the heart of the ship, where the power source was kept and the brain of the ship was located. The power supply was much different than what we had developed before, it didn't match my design at all, I made a note to check with the ship when I could get back to the chair for an explanation of it all.

As we walked about Ambri was quiet, I could feel something was wrong but she was trying to hide it. When I finally asked her she looked at me and with tears in her eyes asked why I needed my own personal ship and why it didn't have a place for her. At this comment I felt my heart fall. I quickly explained to her all that I had been observing and how it felt like everyone was going their own separate way. She understood that but asked why I hadn't talked to her about it before to which I didn't have a good reply. I then asked if she really felt like leaving the world she was having recreated to join me in my travels to which she replied that she desired that more than having all the things in her world restored. At that I realized more how much I meant to her and what a fool I was for not talking to her about it sooner. With that realization I felt the bond between us grow stronger. I asked her to design a room using her wrist computer while we went towards the control room, I would waste little time in ensuring that she had a place on Niracina.

As I sat in the chair Niracina knew immediately what I wanted and informed me that it would take a little bit of time to get the required resources. She also asked that Ambri submit her wrist computer when she was done with the design so that it could be upgraded as well. I let Ambri know what Niracina had told me and then began asking about the changes to the original plan. At this Niracina began showing me many things and going into great detail on the changes that were made, only stopping long enough to allow me to give Ambri room to submit the computer for its upgrades. Ambri then smiled and said she'd see me later when I was finished learning about this new ship. I then sat back and continued my lesson of just what a second generation living ship could accomplish.

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