Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making Friends

When Ambri had brought us large crystals we were astonished. We hadn't expected to get many more and surely not any of this size. She informed us she had figured out how they came about, it was a mixture of her tears and emotions. Her emotions had triggered some particular energies that came out when she cried, so these super-charged tears were the catalyst that created the crystals. She had made these from remembering her people and her sorrow over more lives having to be lost in defending her home world. It was unfortunate that it required sorrow for the crystals to be formed, we didn't want to cause sorrow just to have our technology, however it was nice to have a good number of large crystals to move forward with our plans. The modifications to the drives wouldn't require the crystals to help our stealth, and so we began construction of our first space station here near her home world. We informed the other alien civilization of our plans to do this and they actually seemed delighted about the plans. Their government had been changing well and the people were much happier, though there was still much work to do. It was actually Ambri's idea to invite them to have some access to the new facility when it was done, transporters would be set up on their planet, her planet and the station, though her planet would be locked down. Sentries would be constructed to maintain security and peace on the station, their world would have to manage itself, but at least they would have a peaceful place to go if things didn't stay their current course.

With all the resources that were available it didn't take long to have the base platform constructed and the shields fully operational. Getting the atmosphere took a little while as we had to collect the right resources without stripping a potential life-giving planet of them, to do this we mostly focused on any asteroids in the system. I learned that the aliens called themselves the Golvenar, they had a history dating back tens of thousands of years but had never suspected life existed beyond their solar system. They were not aware of mindforce powers and had never found need to try to explore much beyond their system. They had at one time contemplated making contact with Ambri's people, who she informed me were called the Hasplena, but had decided against it when conflict began escalating among their nations, this was when they began working on genetic manipulations to create biological weapons. This work had lead to some peaceful uses, however the goal was always in overcoming the other nations. But now that their people were aware of other races beyond their system they had a different understanding of their place and wanted to learn more about what was in the universe. The space station would be a perfect opportunity for them to learn. We decided to keep Ambri's plants on her planet unique to where they were and used the plant and animal life from the Golvenar planet to populate the station and attached biodome. As we communicated more with them and informed them of the dangers we had been finding in the universe and what we had done to the star to protect this system they were both afraid and pleased. Afraid of what might come and pleased that we had a protective system in place. When the monitoring system and controls were in place we showed them how things worked but also let them know that some systems would be under our control at all times due to this being our station and the need to maintain the technology on it. When all was in enough working order the people they chose to come arrived at the station and began settling in. We got to enjoy a celebration with them, this new home would be a symbol of peace among their people. I do have to say, they made some very delicious foods and their music actually made some sense, though their dance was impossible for me to do and instead Ambri and I just sat back and watched. It was nice to have some allies for a change, though I did have to ask them to forgive me for fighting them earlier, I felt bad about having to decimate their government to ensure the safety of the system.

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