Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amplified Emotions

It didn't take long for the new probes to reach the triple star system. Once they were inside the stars they began their work constructing the base system that they would build off of. In consisted primarily of a sheltered bubble big enough for about three people in it as well as a wormhole gate. The translocation technology wouldn't work in these bases as the gravitational forces would be too great to shield against and any jump would likely pull you into the star to be incinerated. Once the gates were up and running we began running diagnostics on them and modifying the shields as the data came in. We were working with limited resources but it appeared we had what we needed on each of the probes. Working a shield into the wormhole proved to be a bit of a challenge, there was only a brief moment where a signal could be placed into the walls of the wormhole. Most of the wormholes that were created bent horribly in the gravity and would not complete before collapsing. The biggest problem we were facing was getting a technological shield to adhere to a force power being generated. The more we tried to get this to work the more we realized that we had very little understanding about this particular force. We could create it but found it difficult to manipulate. At one point I decided to leave Nasero to his work and try to find a different approach to getting around this problem.

With several of the crystals lying around I began using the force that Ambri had taught me, I attempted to see if there were memories behind the creation of these crystals. Of course, because she had not been making a trinket when these crystals were formed there was nothing to see, however there was something to feel. The energy was similar in nature but different, it would take some time but it might be possible to figure out the energy pattern that went into them. Technology couldn't detect these energy signatures and my abilities barely revealed anything, but I could feel just enough of them to have something to go by. The deeper I went in feeling this energy the more I could feel the emotion behind its creation. The more emotion I felt the more it affected me, eventually causing Ambri to return from the planet to see if everything was alright. When she saw what I was doing she understood what was going on and sat down to help me figure this out.

Between the two of us we were able to explore the depths of this energy, as one of us made progress is understanding it we shared it with the other and in turn the new understanding helped us go further still. The emotional tone this energy had was intense, just like any other energy that went through these crystals it was magnified, however this energy wasn't normally felt. Eventually our emotions synced with those that formed the crystal, we were both sorrowful but in this state the crystal began to grow. It was difficult to stay in this state, the sorrow was overwhelming, but we were so close to understanding that we both endured it for as long as possible. When finally we had to stop it took both of us communicating with one another in order for the effects to reverse. At the point we were freed from the grasp of this energy the crystal was nearly the size of an escape pod. A crystal this huge would definitely prove useful, though making them this big was a dangerous task. With the information gathered Ambri left me to my research and I carefully explored the energies, making sure I did not connect again with it on the level that we had just experienced.

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