Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pioneers and Travelers

Nasero's trip to the planet he would now call home didn't take long, it wasn't horribly far away. Once he had landed he began allowing his natural self to come forth, taking root in the fertile soil. The atmosphere was definitely toxic to the life inside the habitat, however with the shields holding it back he was able to open up to the skies and allow small amounts to filter in. With all the minerals available in the planet the fragments would be very abundant once the terraforming took hold. The first thing he did when he arrived was to construct some drones that could survive the atmosphere so that they could go and begin constructing additional posts in various locations on the planet. These additional posts would provide monitoring of the planet and the life on it, giving Nasero complete understanding of the world that he would be a permanent part of. Other drones worked on constructing the wormhole gate that would provide transportation to and from the planet, when this gate was done Evan would join him to help in speeding up the process and travel back and forth to complete his project of reintroducing the species to the planet.

While they were busy with their work Ambri and I took some time to start preparing. She had a desire to see the planet I had lived on before becoming a space traveler and so we were making sure we had everything we needed. The plants on Niracina were growing well, the nutrients she provided to them made them mature quickly and we expected the first fruits to appear within a few days of our departure. Among the things we were bringing were some changes of clothes, presents given to us by the Golvenar. It was nice having some variety in what we could wear, it had been a bit boring wearing some of the restored rags that I had been wearing for so long. We also took many recordings from the planets, making sure we had enough things to bring a smile to our face in case we couldn't come back anytime soon. While we did this I told Ambri of the planet we would be visiting, how the people there lived and the troubles they faced. Despite the danger of us going it would still be a fascinating trip, and with all the advances we had in technology we should be pretty much completely undetectable. Still, we would need to exercise caution, there were too many things in the universe that might be looking for us and it would only take a single advance in their technology to detect us again.

When everything was packed up we bid farewell to the Golvenar and sent a message to Evan and Nasero letting them know we were taking off on our own adventure. They wished us luck and promised to keep us updated on how their progress was going. As Niracina set her course and we made our jump I began working on a design for growing small crystals within Niracina. Her construction would allow them to be formed but we would have to make sure to not drain her in making them. Most of the fragments would multiply within her body and excess ones would go towards the formation of crystals, but the biggest concern was in making sure we didn't put too much strain on her heart, the organic power system she had developed. Though it was strong it was still young and putting too much strain on it could be dangerous if we found ourselves in a bad situation. I also worked on configuring a jump point within her so that we could use our wrist computers to return to the ship from the surface of any planet we were on, at least so long as she was within range. Once the designs were done I gave them to Niracina to begin implementing, we turned in our wrist computers for the upgrades and Ambri and I spent some time watching the stars.

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