Friday, December 24, 2010

Advanced Aliens?

Scans of their ship, the aliens and again of the ship revealed that these beings were alone, all of them trapped on our ship. That was a relief to us as we would not have to worry about the web being reactivated, however we did not let our guard down and Niracina continued running scans. Unfortunately the aliens had been tinkering with parts of Niracina which had disabled our communications with the stations and Nasero, which meant we were on our own until they could be repaired. Ambri and I worked on trying to communicate with them, however they all seemed very frightened by us. We did our best to reassure them we meant them no harm, but without knowing what words to say it did very little. I could still feel their emotions, though I wasn't sure how this was possible considering we had shut off the device that had been causing the extra brain linkage. Their emotions were very much in the realm of fear, though at different points in our efforts I could almost grasp a few others, but fear usually won against anything else.

They didn't even try to move, we gave them room to come out of the corner or even to leave to a different part of the ship but they just stayed huddled together. It was really quite pathetic to watch them groveling and trying to hide beneath one another. I kept trying to pick out the other emotions that were mixed with the fear, eventually getting the impression that they were hungry or thirsty. I kept watch over them and had Ambri go and get some of the fruits and some water for them. When she returned they all seemed to settle a bit as she placed the food nearby. Slowly one of them left the rest and timidly reached out to grab the fruit, when its hand was about three inches from it the creature quickly reached forward, grabbing as much as it could and then retreated to a corner seperate from the others, it then greedily ate the food it had grabbed, continuously looking over its shoulder at the others to make sure they weren't coming after its meal. As that one finished up what it had grabbed another one became daring enough to do likewise, when it had its food it went to yet another corner. Clearly these creatures were used to fighting each other for anything good.

When all of them had finished eating there was a distinct reduction in the fear they felt. I sensed more curiosity and they began moving around a bit more, poking at things but trying to keep a distance from us. I had the doors closed so that they could not leave the room while they were getting accustomed to us. Their ship continued to return nothing on the scans which put us more at ease. We tried again and again to get them to communicate with us, but they just ignored our efforts. Watching them it dawned on me that these things might actually be children, or have an intelligence level of a child, this would make it very strange that they had a ship with such technology, but their demeanor clearly showed they were not fully developed or advanced. To test this theory I used my wrist computer to design a set of toys, when this was done I had Niracina start building them, though she had to gather a few resouces from a nearby moon in order to have the right materials for the design.

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