Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finding Our Place

I had no idea how long it would be before the probes could confirm the constellations, the distance was pretty great but had not been calculated yet, there was no telling how close the next system was at this point, though once they arrived we'd have plenty of information about it. The release of the first resurrected species to Hopdfen was a success, they took to the oceans and began propagating and consuming the thriving plant life. It only took a few hours for them to finish establishing themselves, they were short lived creatures. When we introduced the next specie they wasted little time in controlling the population of the first, which meant we had some balance but needed to speed up our introduction as the second one would soon overtake the first one completely. As we introduced each next step the newest would help control the last and eventually, as we got to the more advanced species we could slow down once more. It was beautiful to watch the data that came in from each step, it was like watching a super fast evolution cycle that takes millions of years happen all within a few hours. The ocean life, as lovely as it was, didn't compare to the land creatures, I think by far they were more spectacular and graceful, these had to be introduced much slower than the last as they took some time to find their homes. It would probably take months to finish introducing all of them and it would definitely take years for the numbers to return to what they once were.

When I checked in with Nasero he had begun developing some higher function probes to send out, in all he had three in development. The specs on their design showed that these were star impregnating probes with enough resources and technology to begin developing something new within the stars. Fortunately when I asked him he didn't say he was going to dominate more stars like the aliens had done, instead these probes were going to build his new research stations in the triple star system. His plans involved trying to harness the type of power stars produce and then amplify it using the technology from the power sources we already had. From the look of the concept design it looked like he was going to attempt to make miniature stars and place them inside the power supplies and then use the output, amplified by the crystal technology, to produce more power than what we could ever hope to use. I wasn't sure how well it would all work, but it would definitely be interesting to see what data came from the research. What all of this also meant was that we would have to increase our ablities with the wormhole technology, we were pretty sure large gravitational forces would still have some effect on a wormhole, and so we would need to provide an energy shielding to go with its formation to prevent it from being manipulated. This, of course, would be tested by the probes as their first task upon entering the stars.

The more I saw the things that were going on with everybody the more I realized that our goals may pull us apart. I didn't hold it against any of them, we each had a life to live and with two of them being fairly young beings they had much they wanted to learn and they needed a chance to find their place in the universe. I decided it would probably be of benefit to not fight any of their goals and instead settled on trying to understand my own place, after all, my purpose was to be an experiment and I fought and won against that purpose for now. I got to work utilizing our advances in technology to begin work on my own small, personal ship. It would be a living creature like Nasero but without the advanced intelligence, which was of course the only way we could make additional ships as we didn't know what brought about his intelligence in the first place. I suppose I could have designed it to integrate with his hive mind, however then I would be stretching him out further and forcing him to go with me on my missions, which was exactly what I wanted to avoid doing at this point. The computer in the ship would integrate with the other technology, meaning we would still have access to the data we gathered and be able to communicate and collaborate as needed. When I had finished the design the seed was produced, the ship would take a little time to grow in some fertile soil and then it would be ready for use. To do this I had the seed deposited on one of the lifeless planets in the system.

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