Monday, December 6, 2010

Continuing the Work

We were trying to make the most of our purchased time. Nasero had learned much about shielding technology and even found a way to produce the same type of solar shield without using a star, it wouldn't be as large or quite as strong but it should do the trick for protecting something a bit larger. The shield was first implemented on the station and proved a more than adequate defense. The shield was configured to require particular signals and codes to get through it and our technology was reconfigured to work with it. A set of satellites were constructed as well to make a permanent home around the Hasplena planet, which was called Hopdfen, protecting it from any entry outside of our transportation system. This would further prevent any outside interferences on the planet and allow us to shape it back to the way Ambri envisioned it. Nasero's shields were also greatly improved because of this technology and he hoped it would improve further as he looked into creating an even stronger power source. I wasn't sure what we would do with more power aside from further improve our own technologies from it, however I wasn't about to argue with him about it, all technological advances would benefit us and all that we protected.

Evan had been fascinated more and more with the genetics system the Golvenar had developed, he had taken the lead on recreating the life that would go on Hopdfen. A lot of his time was in calculating which species to introduce first to ensure that the food chain would be able to be sustained. He knew that the base creatures were the most important but he wanted to make sure he knew when to introduce the next ones to keep the first from overpopulating. He was probably about three quarters of the way through his research into this and nearly had a full schedule for the reintroduction of animal life. With a little luck the creatures would start their repopulation by tomorrow. Ambri of course was excited about this, the different ecosystems were nearly done and most of the creatures she remembered were being reconstructed through the recovered DNA.

With all of them busy working with their various desires I had a lot of extra time. I decided to spend most of it going through the data that was pouring in from the probes. Each moment that passed revealed more of the universe and I was curious if we were close to figuring out where we were in regards to where we once were. If the two databases could find a common link we would be able to find our way around a lot better and know exactly where Calypso was if there was ever going to be a hope of returning. One of the strange things about the data was that there was no sign of the aliens who had put me together. No gravity jumps, no cubes, nothing. It was like they wanted to avoid us completely, but I knew they were out there somewhere. With the importance they had placed on me they couldn't have gone far, it just worried me that we didn't know where they went. As I poured through the constellations I eventually started to see some that might be likely candidates, however in order for them to match we would have to send some of the probes to closer galaxies. If these were a match that would have meant we were thrown very far off course, and if that was the case it also meant that we knew very little about the power of wormholes.

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