Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vivid Dream

The system seemed empty. There was no life on any of the planets and no technology that we could find that would tell us how we were moved here. There didn't seem to be any strange natural phenomena going on either. The only strange thing about the system was that we were unable to leave it. When we tried to move away from the system that same energy web appeared again and hindered our progress. Something about the situation just seemed odd, there was something that just wasn't right about all of it but I couldn't put my finger on it. We tried a few different methods for building something aside from the probes, but it didn't work. We even designed a new type of probe that could be grown from Niracina, however for some reason she could not get anything to grow either. It was like we were in a locked down state, nothing could be moved from us, which also meant nothing could be moved to us.

Probably about an hour after our attempts it dawned on me what seemed so odd about all of this. I wasn't tired or hungry, nothing about me had changed from when we arrived here. I confirmed with Ambri and Niracina the same thing. I then had Niracina move around some more in the system and see if anything changed as she moved around. As I suspected nothing changed, the gravity stayed the same to her and the light never fluctuated. We seemed to be in a simulation, one that wasn't done perfectly. With this realization we got to work trying to figure out how to get out of it. There were no clear ways to get out of it, however knowing that it was a simulation meant that we should be able to detect a source somewhere on some spectrum.

Nothing, not a single signal on any spectrum we tried. We did everything we could to figure out where the source of all of this was but could find nothing. Each of us tried to think of something new to try, but the same ideas kept going through our minds. Eventually I sat down in one of the control chairs to take a first hand look at the data. Once the interface was going something seemed odd. Niracina could not detect me in this simulation as having made the link, however I could feel the link and could access what was going on. The oddest part was what I felt and saw going on wasn't anything like the reality that she was experiencing. The energy field was still around us, tightly holding us in place. There was also some sounds going on in the ship, other things moving around and stuff being tossed about. I tried accessing some of her systems, when that worked I was able to pull up some images through the optic sensor. There was something else on the ship with us, walking about taking care not to touch our still bodies on the ground. We were in an induced sleep, though it was strange to be able to have this kind of a connection to the real ship from a dream state. Something else must have happened when they caused this. When I disconnected from the interface I informed them of what was going on and then informed them of my plan.

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