Monday, December 13, 2010

No More Emotional Crystals

The results of the tests confirmed that the crystal would work for our technology, it wasn't nearly as potent as the ones we created ourselves, but the properties were close enough that we could compensate for the loss. For the next test I used a fragment of one of the existing crystals that Ambri and I had made, if it worked we wouldn't need to invest any more emotions into the creation of crystals or seeds, we could just use the ones that already existed. Once the crystal was inserted and the energy was flowing through the dome properly I worked on finding the right frequency settings to bounce the energy flowing through the crystal to the right spot in the dome, once I found them the process began as hoped. As I had been suspecting, without an investment of emotional energy the crystal took longer to form, however its properties were a bit better than the first accidental one given the purer form of emotional energy stemming from the seed crystal, but still not quite as powerful as the original. We created several of these crystals, making sure they were all equal. We also tested the seed crystal to make sure it wasn't losing its potency from this process either.

The tests confirmed that the seed was unchanged and the crystals that were produced this way, though not as good as the original, were good enough to use in our technology and were all equal in capability with no fluctuations of potency between them. This meant that the better the seed crystal the better the replicated ones would turn out. We chose the best examples of each crystal type to create our seeds and made enough domes to produce three crystals of each type at all times, including the rage crystal, though we anticipated little use for it in the long run. With that done our next concern in this process was figuring out a way to have abundant fragment resources to continue this process, though the habitat in Nasero was well balanced it wasn't quite big enough to do the job in mass production. What we would need is an entire world with this environment, which meant we needed to terraform a planet as we didn't have any desire to destroy life for our purposes.

Finding planets in the right place around the stars we controlled was easy enough, the trick would be in figuring out how to get one to be able to support life. I knew it was possible, that's what the humans on Earth had done to expand at first, they terraformed planets to suit their needs. The only problem we faced however was that we didn't have the knowledge yet to terraform from scratch, we had been lucky enough to find the right environments to work from but this would be an entirely different undertaking for us. We took the information from the planets we had found and began running simulations on their environmental data, trying to find the best way to get one of them to suit our evolved lifeforms and allow them to prosper.

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