Friday, December 10, 2010

Protected Travel

I had created quite a few different types of crystals using every minor emotion that I could. All of them, aside from the dark one, worked just like the others but had their area of preference. Some of them found better use in place of the previous crystals while others were still being analyzed to figure out where they would be best used. With these crystals our systems were optimized quite a bit and our resources stretched much farther than before. We also found that we had to monitor how much crystal we produced, the fragments needed time to multiply again after creating so many and especially after creating the large ones. It was when we finally found a crystal that suited our present needs to shield our wormholes that I stopped trying to create different types. The crystal accepted the energy from our star shielding, which meant it could be converted and integrated into a stable wormhole. It still took a bit of testing to perfect the shielding, however once we had figured it out we deployed three probes with the extra technology to integrate with the original three. Once they were done we would, hopefully, have instant access to these new bases to continue conducting research in their unique conditions.

As the probes raced towards their destination we implemented the technology in the functional gate at our current base. It wouldn't make sense to not utilize this technology as much as possible given the need to prevent interceptions from our enemies. It didn't take long for the probes to arrive and finish their integration. Once the materials were there we simply had the probes do the work we had just performed and within a few minutes we had our first stable wormhole from one of the star bases to another. Once we were sure it was safe and stable we made the next connection from one of the stars to our base. Evan took a break long enough to be the first to use this travel system. He arrived safely and came back through after verifying the conditions would be safe for normal beings. In order to ensure the stability of the environments in these bases we had to send some custom designed plant life to them along with some drones to oversee their growth. These plants were an offshoot of Nasero, though without their own individual intelligence and without the excessive amount of fragments to use in order to mutate beyond their designed intentions. Once the plants had taken root and started growing I went to each of the bases myself.

It was interesting being inside of a star. The heat shield and light filter made it tolerable though it was still a bit uncomfortable having all that gravitational force pressing against you. Our shields held back as much of this force as they could, but it was definitely not a place I would choose to stay if given the option. The new technology was working wonderfully, traveling between the stars was not a problem at all and probably much safer than translocating. While I was there I helped get some things set up for Nasero's experiments, it was the only drawback for him being a ship was that he couldn't do these things himself but had to have someone or something else do them for him. The bases would be fairly automated and things would have been completed without me, however by having me there it made the progress a bit faster. Once I finished implementing the last set of research tools I went back to the main base, it was a relief to get out of the strange gravity conditions.

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