Friday, December 31, 2010

Changing Orders

The AI on this ship was far too committed to its assigned task, it eventually took Niracina to explain the flaw in the logic it was following, though it was a bit surprised that there was a ship in existence with such an intelligence to it. After awhile she finally informed me that to finish changing the ship's mind I would need to start up the last system that was offline, I hesitated briefly but she explained to me that it would be okay. Once the system was running I was aware of a presence trying to touch my mind, but I put up a resistance against it and eventually it left me alone. With the psychic components running Niracina was able to communicate more directly with the ship, explaining various flaws and showing some simulations to emphasize the importance of going against the commands it was given. In the end the ship conceded that its commands were flawed and it would do as we commanded it to. By this time the ship had been fully modified to prevent the children from disabling the systems and we allowed them to leave their room and return to their ship. Ambri decided to go with them for now and keep an eye on them while I returned to Niracina to see if we could find their home world in order to check it out.

She was far ahead of me, not only had she retrieved the star map information from the ship but she had plotted a course and was redirecting some probes to go there and scout it out for us. Meanwhile she was going over the provided data for the web and dream inducing technology to find a way to make us immune to it in the future and, with some luck, to replicate it and put it to our own defensive uses. The information we were able to send back to Nasero would prove useful to him as well, not only the technology but having more star maps without having to deploy more probes. We were all getting a little concerned about having too many probes out there, if one were to be captured as we were it might not be able to escape and would then prove a security risk to us. We determined that once the current systems they were exploring were mapped we would have them all find a permanent home in the systems they were exploring, our future exploration would be with short range probes that would be able to quickly return using a gate system that we would have the bases implement when they were constructed in the stars we chose. Once we had worked out those details we took off to the system that the children were from, delaying our trip to Calypso.

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