Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Result of War

The trip to the system that the children's home planet was in took awhile. Their ship wasn't quite as fast as our's and so we had to take it a bit slower than normal. The system it used for traveling was a bit different from ours but with some similarities. They had used strictly science in their design and had to bend the rules a bit to get things to work, but it was adequate enough. Going through the history that was stored in the ship's computers revealed that they didn't have much mindforce functions beyond the telepathic technology they had developed. Their brains were capable but they never developed it, and their technology had only opened parts of it making it so that they were able to be read like an article in a paper by these computers. This explained how I was able to feel their emotions as well, I had developed my detection skills enough to have a similar capability to the ship, though not quite to the point where I would be able to read their minds. There was a long conflict in their history, one with another alien race. Apparently either they, the other aliens or more likely both stole technologies from one another during the time in which they worked together which lead to a major war, one that would leave one or the other completely destroyed. The end result, before they sent the children off and the last of the history I had access to showed that the other alien race had a fleet of destroyer class ships coming to their home world while they had their destroyer class ships going to their world. In the end it appeared that they would destroy each other ultimately and the survivors would know very little of it in the end. The ships had all been told to not share the history with the children they carried, it would just raise them up with hostilities towards other races and so it was to be hidden. The ship had shared it with me only because it had not been instructed not to share it with anyone else.

When we arrived we found a lifeless planet, there was no atmosphere to speak of anymore and the probes we sent to the surface showed only crumbling ruins, not a single piece of viable technology survived and the life of the planet was completely gone. The destroyer class ships were very effective, making sure that not only did the enemy die, but so too did any hope for their planet to recover from the attack. After making sure we didn't overlook anything that could prove useful we set course for the other aliens' planet. I expected to see the same thing there, but I had to make sure. I continued looking into the archives of history, I saw that the two alien races had planned to come together to form a beneficial alliance, one that would advance them much farther than they had ever dreamed on their own. Their goal would be to find other races and to make peace with them as well in order that all of them together might advance and make a kind of technological utopia that they would all live in. Unfortunately not all of them agreed and so some of them took advantage of their positions and started making technology that wasn't to be shared, things that could, in the end, destroy the other races should they so desire. It appeared that both sides had individuals doing this as they both had very different technology resulting from what they shared. It was all very terrible how things had gone between them, from what it looked like they would have made wonderous things together, things that would have far exceeded what we had done with Nasero and Niracina. Not to mention that they may have eventually found the humans as well and we could have all been working together instead of us working alone and making so many mistakes. At this point we were nearing the other planet. I prepared myself to see another world senselessly destroyed.

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