Sunday, January 9, 2011

Preparing the Technology

I spent quite a bit of time creating a virtual world, it was actually quite easy with some help from Ambri and Niracina. When they had heard one of the possible solutions to our problem with the Klatvix they were excited to have a non-violent way to overcome them. The first part we made was just a basic, beautiful world that someone could live on. If it weren't for the fact that we weren't energy we would have been able to stay and live there, but our limitations made it so that we had to leave to get actual sustenance. The simulation was good and we created some interfaces for anyone to go and interact with it. The children seemed to enjoy it, being able to explore a world that had life and interesting things in it. I was sure they would enjoy the planet once it was finished, but this was a nice way for them to get some "outdoor" activity. We incorporated any suggestions the aliens had, they had a better understanding of what the home world should look like and we did our best to make it familiar. We didn't want to be cruel and put them in a place that was unfamiliar, not to mention that if we did it right they may forget that they are trapped within a few generations. As for the next problem, getting the technology to capture living beings in heavy energy, I needed to go on a mission.

For the most part the probes and drones would do the work, but if I had to I'd be ready to go through the shield as well. Scans showed that their numbers had increased dramatically, so if they detected us we would have to fight to get back out. It was clear that they had figured out they were trapped and had tried everything they could to escape, the piece making it the most clear was the moon that had shattered against the shield when it had been thrown at it, the remnants of which were floating all about the section that they had tried to take out. They had not figured out yet where the source of this shield was, which was good, they were leaving the star alone, not that they would have any luck against the star's shield, but it meant we had a second way of escaping if we needed to. Seeing all the ships was strange, I had spent so much time in making that ship function and to see it again, with all its outdated technology made me wonder what would have happened had it not been stolen from us. Our stealth was more than adequate for them right now, we were able to get quite a few good scans without being detected, though we were unable to find the drive that converted everything to heavy energy that Evan had constructed. My guess was we would have to find the original ship, they probably didn't have the right materials to make that drive on every ship they had constructed.

When the probes finally were able to get to the planet in the system, having to weave in and out of the things they had in the space around it, they showed us an image of a massive ship. The planet had been converted, all its resources used to make a much larger ship. The technology on the ship was slightly improved, obviously they used the best resources they could for this and then made a fleet of normal ships to protect it. Our scans showed that the original ship was probably incorporated into this giant planet ship, this meant we would have to get inside the ship if we had any hope of getting scans. I informed my friends of the problem, Evan quickly volunteered to help me in this mission and Ambri asked if there was another way. Sadly, without going against the Klatvix this was the only quick source of getting this technology again. At this I felt her sorrow, but she also held hope as well that we would be successful, it was the hope that I held on to from her. I did my best to suppress my feelings about the mission, not wanting her to fear for me, though I knew she felt a bit of it anyway.

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