Sunday, January 30, 2011


The atmosphere on the planet wasn't in great condition, but it was good enough for me to be able to walk around on it. The scene that you saw when you stood upon it was similar to what you would see in old apocalypse movies, it was just wasteland all around you. The probe had continued doing its scans and I wandered about for a while, hoping to find some remnant of the life that was once here. It appeared however, from what I saw and the images the probe sent back that there was nothing left, the planet was dead. I took a small sample of the soil to keep as a reminder of what happened here, I imagined I would eventually put it on display with the information I had of the aliens, however as I was about to leave the probe reported a strange reading. I quickly translocated to its position and saw a small cave opening, from inside of it were energy readings as if there were something being powered down there. I knew it was unlikely that anything important would be there due to the amount of time that had passed since this planet last had life, but I had to check it out.

The cave was deep, Ambri had sent a drone to go with me and keep me safe. Both her and Niracina stayed in contact with me, both because they were curious what it looked like and they wanted to make sure I was doing alright. As we made our way deeper I heard the distict sounds that only come from technology that is running, I knew there must be something left after all. When we finally reached what seemed to be the base level of the cave I noticed there was some light through one of the passages, we made our way towards it and the sounds got louder. Once in the chamber we could see everything clearly, the lights weren't very bright but in such a dark cave they may as well have been the sun itself. The chamber was filled with all sorts of monitors, controls and pods. It appeared to be a cryogenic system. I took scans of everything before we got to work seeing if we could figure it all out. The controls were easy enough, very basic, I don't think the Tirtris had planned on making it complicated technology. The screens showed that the inhabitants of the pods were still alive but in a very deep sleep. Using the drone for parts I created a link between the technology down here and Niracina, after a few minutes she was able to get control over the entire system and figure out how it worked and to see how you woke up the inhabitants of the pods.

The process would be very slow in reviving them, the state that they were in was very deep and had kept them alive for an unknown amount of time, but we knew it would have been more lifetimes than one would like to imagine. I left the parts in place that Niracina needed to maintain control of the system and then dismantled the drone, creating a translocation platform so that I could travel to and from this location back to the ship, I didn't need to stick around for so many days and really didn't feel like climbing back through the cave. Niracina was also still gathering information about what all the pods contained and I wanted to see what she found. As I looked over the information she was analyzing I realized at about the same time she did that not only did these pods contain survivors, but there were other pod locations deeper in the planet that contained preserved specimens of the life that had lived on this planet with the Tirtris. This meant that with some effort we might actually be able to help this race come back from the brink of extinction. With this realization it would make the next few days difficult, they would just seem so long, but it, along with the survival of the other aliens, put hope in us that we would be able to find many alien races that the Klatvix had attempted to destroy and fix the wrong that was done to them. We just hoped that the aliens we encountered wouldn't be so traumatized by the experience that they instantly hated all other species.

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