Saturday, January 22, 2011

Filling the Prison

I knew she would eventually be capable of it, but I hadn't expected it here and now and without stabilizers, but there it was, clearly showing on the sensors. A perfectly stable wormhole leading from here to our desired battleground, a quick jump took us right through it and away from the ships, though not for long as we detected their gravity jumps being activated, the bonus this time however was that we knew they were coming. I would hazard a guess that the first capture caught about half of their fleet, more than enough for us to be able to now have the advantage. Once they were in the system we activated the new star web which would prevent them from communicating or escaping. Once it was active a few tried to jump anyway, only to be captured by our technology. The next phase of our plan then began and we hijacked their communication system to get more of their ships to start jumping here to assist. They were given the picture of a massive war going on at this system, many ships like Niracina were presented to them and so they sent the rest of their fleet. Once again we couldn't capture all of them but it was enough to allow us to fight what remained. Our purpose would now be to break down their defenses and hack into their ships' computers to force them to jump. While we worked on that the probes began their invasion.

I'm sure to the Klatvix that lived on the planets it looked like the end of the world, a massive army of machines coming and instantly disintegrating everyone you knew with their weapons, at least that's what it looked like. Some of the drones were taken down with their hand weapons, this was to be expected, but we had planned for this and had sent a very substantial army on this mission. The probes, after dropping off the drones would then start scanning the planets, going deeper and deeper and sending the information to the simulation which was then updated to incorporate the new data. The beings that were then captured in this simulation would see that the gun did something different than disintegrate, to them it looked like an energy shift, pushing them to another dimension where the robots could still attack them but their weapons were disabled. It took only moments for a few of them to modify their virtual weapons and they were quickly fighting back, experiencing victory instead of defeat in this world. From the reports I could get while fighting it seemed to be going well, a few of them even modifying the virtual drone weapons to put them back into their correct dimension, which, of course, was planned for. As they ensured their victory in the virtual world we cleared them out of the actual worlds, the forces were simply overwhelming and it didn't take long before we were no longer warring on the worlds but instead hunting the remaining aliens down. It was so sinister when you thought of what we were doing, but at least we weren't killing them, just moving them.

As far as the actual war, we were losing a few of our ships and it was difficult to wear down the defenses of so many ships. Eventually we were able to get access to the computers of one of them, but then we had to fight against the Klatvix who were manning the controls, they were quick to put a stop to our hacking attempts, but we had multiple minds working on it as well. With our defenses adequately protecting us Ambri was able to handle the weapon systems to disable the ships while Evan, Niracina, Nasero and I worked on hacking their computers. Once we found what we were looking for in their systems the ship we were hacking quickly performed a jump and vanished. We continued doing this as best we could, but each success made the next harder, they were sharing information on what we were doing, though they didn't understand completely what it meant when they were forced to jump, from what we could determine from the communications we were listening to they thought we were thinning them out so that we could destroy them one by one, this, of course, made them fight that much harder to keep us from getting into their systems. Based on this information we decided it would be best to stop hacking them one by one and get the rest all at once.

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