Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Battle Begins

It was time, I wasn't completely ready, but I didn't think I ever would be. As I boarded Niracina I noticed that Ambri was following, I told her it would be too dangerous but she retorted that she was coming with me through our connection anyway, she might as well actually be there to offer some assistance. I didn't argue with her, it would actually be nice having her there, her presence brought me comfort and that afforded me some additional clarity to what I was doing. Several of the alien ships that had been fixed up would be joining us as well, they had already departed and would meet us at the rendezvous, they would mostly be there to give additional targets and shields for the Klatvix to fight against, we were pretty sure not all of them would commit to a gravity jump and so we needed to be prepared to actually fight. Niracina had been equipped with some of the new technology we had developed, she didn't much care for it but it would take quite a bit of time for her to grow the equivalent of it and we needed to act sooner rather than later. We already knew they were going to come after us again, it was just a question of when. As we left the station Ambri began crafting a new trinket, I was sure it contained memories of the children, she didn't want to think about what was going to happen next until she had to, I couldn't blame her.

As we came up to the rest of the fleet to give final instructions I felt the dread of going to war, I never looked forward to it when they announced the robots coming either and so I usually went to where they wouldn't be and continued my mining, this time however there would be no escaping it, I needed to be here in case things didn't go as well as we were hoping. The probes carrying the drones were prepped and ready at the border of the Klatvix controlled space, all they needed was the signal and they would begin their invasion. We double checked that the power systems in the capture devices were running at peak performance, Evan was on board this structure to make sure they didn't fail. The other ships had only one hope against the forces we were facing, and that was their shield technology, I figured it would be adequate, but I had no idea what to expect, there could have been major technological advances in the time they've had so far, I just hoped our own advances would outdo theirs. Once the fleet was ready we took off towards the system, we would be the bait.

Our plan was to stay stealthed as long as possible, however once we were a ways past where the probes had been left Niracina informed us that some sort of scan had just detected her, it was something new to her. Our sensors indicated a lot of gravitational fluctuation coming from the system and we knew they were already coming after us. We turned off the stealth, there was no need for it, and turned around to lead them where we wanted them to be. It didn't take long for some of them to start catching up, they had been able to increase the potency of their drives. As one of them got close enough we tried to redirect them, however we found that they had improved their shields against our disruptors. All we could do was push Niracina and go faster, it made our shields weaker but they were too close for comfort, it seemed to be enough and we maintained our distance ahead of them, or at least that's what it seemed until we felt the gravitational force fly past us and suddenly pull us out of our jumped state. They had found another way to stop us.

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