Monday, January 10, 2011

Belly of the Beast

In preparation for entering their planet ship we constructed some battle suits. The suits would allow us to remain in stealth in every way we had come up with so far. We didn't desire to fight so we made sure to make all our defenses as up-to-date as possible. We also created and installed some weapons, they would be potent enough to take out several creatures at a time if we needed to, but the goal was to not kill anything and just get the scans we needed. We modified our communications technology with some of the new telepathic technology we had learned from our new friends, this they gave to us for free so that we could accomplish our plan to stop the Klatvix, this would allow us to talk to one another without a sound. The suits were completely closed off from the atmosphere, maintaining their own systems instead. I knew the aliens had no need of a good atmosphere and so we needed to make sure we could survive in any of the conditions in the ship. When we were done designing it the building process took a little over an hour for both suits, mostly because the crystals had to be grown in the technology. The construction of the suits was done by Niracina, so they would have a link to her and be bio-mechanical, which could mean the suits ended up with a personality, though we had no idea if this would be or not. In the mean time we did our best to get as much information about the structure as possible, where the entrances and exits were, where the ships docked, possible ways for us to get in without being detected. As expected, the more our scans turned up the more we figured that what we were looking for would be at the heart of the ship, this would be a long and dangerous mission getting to it.

Once the suits were done being constructed we tested them out as best we could. We were able to walk around outside the ship and communicate perfectly. At one point we had Niracina drop us off on some space junk and try to run scans to find us. Had it not been for her link to the suits she would have been unable to detect our presence, which gave us a lot of hope in being able to pull this off. Once we had made sure everything we could test worked properly we began navigating towards this monstrous construction, avoiding any scans that we detected and for the most part trying to hide underneath one of the ships that was going towards the docks. Our plan was to move into the dock area before the ship and find a place to keep Niracina hidden, if things didn't go well she was ready to translocate to another location in the system and get out. We, of course, would try to translocate to get before she did this, but there were no guarantees that it would work inside this structure. We were sure her's would work because she wasn't deep in it, but we knew that the alien technology could interfere with our systems more and more as we delved deeper into the ship. It seemed like an eternity waiting for the ship to get close enough for the docks to open up, but once they did Niracina wasted little time slipping in before the ship closed the gap. Once inside we were relieved to find it very spacious, she was even able to find a spot that would provide some additional cover on the ceiling of the dock. This allowed us to further have her stealth by landing there and turning off more of her systems. In this state it would take a miracle for them to find her. Before departing into the ship we took some scans and readings of the materials and technology around us, for the most part the materials were pretty basic and we would encounter little problems if we had to cut through it. The area we landed happened to be a little thick, but above it showed that there should be some empty service space. We cut through the material and made our way into this chamber, once through we sealed up what we had cut, making sure to make it look like the rest of the floor as best we could. There was no turning back now, we had entered the belly of the beast.

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