Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Navigating the Passages

I guess I could say the easy part was getting into the ship, the hard part was activating our suit sensors and hoping that they didn't set off any alarms. The sensors, once activated, found nearby life sources and displayed them on our visors. It also provided a rough map of what was around us. With these sensors running our risk of being discovered increased, though we had done our best to disguise the signals. We used the display to figure out when the best moment was to open and close doors to the different passages. After all, it wasn't like we could follow the service area all the way to the heart of the ship. As it turned out, there were many service areas, they made things quite a bit easier for us, however they never went between levels, at least not by their original design. In order to remain hidden for as long as possible if not for the entirety of the mission we didn't cut any more holes to take shortcuts, instead having to hope that the direction we were going was the right one. Several times we had to stay hidden, either attached to the ceiling or hiding in the only corner available to us. It made my heart race to be so close to so many things that looked like the creature. From each one of them I could sense the potential power, though my own powers had increased there were still enough of them to give us many problems if we were found out. As we went deeper into the ship I felt Ambri sending me as many good thoughts as possible, it helped keep me calm which helped me stay alert to what was going on. Eventually we started to reach doors that had additional security to them.

Getting past the security doors was easy enough for now, though I anticipated it getting a lot harder. All we had to do was wait long enough for the door to open and we slipped through before or after the creature or creatures that were using it. At one point though we had to stop and observe what was going on, we just couldn't help ourselves. We had stumbled upon the room where they did their battle training, and they were a formidable force. Because they were all spawned from the same creature their energies intertwined with little effort on their part, individually they were powerful enough, but when they worked together it was simply unbelievable. I suddenly realized that they too would be a major threat soon, our shields were strong, but I imagined that with enough of them working together they would blast it with enough force to make it collapse or at least overcome its power to hold them back. We continued on after witnessing some of this potential, sobered by the fact that if they knew we were here we had no hope of escaping, they could destroy us in a moment.

They must have had a ranking system implemented because we started to encounter fewer of them. The doors didn't just open anymore, they had to get authorization to get through and some of them had been turned away. From what we could tell we were getting closer to our destination, though we had hit one particular door that was not being opened and our sensors showed that this was the path we needed to take. We were hesitant to hack into it and definitely didn't want to do so by brute force, many creatures passed by but none of them even looked towards it, though I was sure they would notice pretty quickly if a hole started to appear. We pondered the idea of using our translocation technology, but there would be no way of telling where we would land or if it would be safe. We ended up having to slip into a service space and work on figuring out another solution. We wouldn't be able to try to fake the authorization, it appeared that there were creatures monitoring that, we would need control over that entire system to be able to pull that off. We could try to get the area cleared out by staging an attack somewhere else in the solar system, though that may not work due to the fact that they had plenty of ships to go take care of that without having to empty every area of this ship. We didn't know enough of the safety systems to be able to fake an evacuation or some other disaster either. We would have to work on getting some control of their systems.

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