Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Technology Trading

There was definitely a desire for technological growth among these aliens. When they had finished creating their construction machines they were overjoyed with their new found abilities, however it was still a slow process having to refine the resources and load them in. They asked if there was a better way, knowing full well I had more information than what I had given them. This lead to a discussion about how our technology worked. I explained to them the nature of heavy energy and how we used it to quickly work with the materials we had. It was far easier and much less wasteful to work with things as energy instead of manually doing most of it. They were very intrigued about this concept and pressed for more information about it, namely the limitations on it. They, of course, provided more information about their technology and some of their research into new technologies, this time giving us information on how the dream induction device worked. I informed them of the limitations of it, how we did not know how to preserve living things in it, however I mentioned that we at one time had figured that out but the information had been taken from us. This led into another discussion about extracting knowledge, however we didn't go too far in this, once they had the concept of the idea down we went back to heavy energy. By the time we had finished the discussion they understood as much as I did how the heavy energy worked, it took Niracina to fill in the gaps and once we were done we began to work with their technology to see if it would be able to handle a heavy energy storage system.

As it turned out they had been well on their way to figure out this particular technology on their own, however the conflict had started before they could move from their energy web technology towards this particular thought. They had wanted to find ways to quickly transport materials, they had visions of being able to go from planet to planet visiting different alien species and doing business with them, but they wanted to make sure their ships were small and didn't use up all the precious resources they were going to purchase. As I had thought before, these aliens would have gone far had they not been deceived. Once we had their storage system in place, which was adequate but not quite as efficient, they began the process of playing with the energy they loaded into the system. It didn't take long for them to be able to purify and refine the resources into the forms that they needed. This, as I perceived, would eventually lead them towards teleportation and advanced mining techniques, which, if they could figure it all out, would probably open the door for us sharing more technology with each other and eventually giving them access to the other bases we had, so long as they could construct their own ways of getting there.

As I prepared to rest for the evening I kept thinking about the conversation we had about the heavy energy and its limitations along with what I had learned about the dream inducing device. It seemed to me that if we could once again overcome the inability to store living things as heavy energy we might be able to create a very unique virtual world for these stored being to live within. This very well could be a solution to our problem with the Klatvix if we were able to capture them in this energy form and store them in a created virtual world, though it would be difficult to get them all at once which would be required as once we had one of their ships the rest would understand what we were doing and retaliate making it nearly impossible to capture the rest. I wanted to play around with this idea and work out the problems, however my exhaustion would not allow it and I had to give it up for another day.

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