Monday, January 31, 2011

Building Things of Beauty

Spending so much time at the beach made things much easier for us to pass the time while the Tirtris were revived. We had been making this virtual world more of a home and Niracina had finally started to settle in on the seasons, so we had a better idea of where we wanted to be each day. When we entered we still were in the field, but we had constructed a translocation pad in several of our favorite locations to get us from there to where we wanted to be. Today, it was the beach, we were busy constructing a massive sandcastle, it would be big enough to walk through and with a little work we would make it a permanent feature. We also planned to recreate the igloo in a permanently cold location as well, this would give us different places to hang out depending on our moods. The castle was coming along nicely, but because we wanted to build it ourselves it took quite a bit of time to get any section done. The first part was nearly complete, and that would be the main entrance to the courtyard. Most of the moving of the sand was done by me and as I finished each section Niracina and Ambri spent hours decorating it with stones and shells, making it look like the richest palace you had ever seen. As the sun set and I finished up my work for the day I sat down on the beach with them and enjoyed the view. It was nice here, she had done a wonderful job creating this world and it just kept improving as she continued to experience things.

Back on the ship her desire for beautiful things was starting to show as well, though the outside of the ship didn't change the inside was becoming quite a bit more interesting. As she matured she began growing different colored crystals in various locations that enhanced it all, making it look elegant and intriguing. They weren't all just for show either, they also gave a different kind of control of the ship, some of the crystals were used to access certain sections of her memory, others served as ways to project images while some were just for control. The ship would be a little less automated with these changes, but it seemed to be the way she wanted things to be. Her mindforce powers were also increasing as well, making the chairs slightly less necessary for us to connect with her, though we still needed them to enter the virtual world. She had also made a formal translocation chamber so that arrivals and departures would always be from there, this would give us some added security as she would block translocation in all other parts of the ship. The colors along her walls also changed, each room producing a little different feel to it and some non-practical features showed up as well, mostly aesthetic curves to the walls but a few things that served little to no purpose such as little curtain looking things that shifted as you walked by them. All in all she was becoming quite a lovely ship.

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