Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grown Up Talk

As the ships brought in the others that had been unable to make it on their own we discovered more data and information about their technology, some of the ships had been loaded up with as much information as possible before they took off. These ships had probably been the last to leave as most of them were heavily damaged. The greatest find however was a ship that was barely keeping its passengers alive actually contained full grown aliens. We took our time checking the vital statistics the ship offered us on its passengers and then got to work repairing the ship's systems so that they could be revived. It would make things a lot easier to have some parents to watch over the children who were familiar with the old customs and technology instead of trying to piece it all together ourselves. We made sure to take a few extra precautions before reviving them completely, namely to make sure they were in a location where they could not attack us if they decided we were a threat to them.

The process was slow in reviving them, their stasis chambers had put them into a deeper sleep than the children, probably due to the fact that the ship would have been unable to sustain them if their sleeping bodies had been allowed to consume more of its resources. As they came to they seemed disoriented, but they were anxious to figure out where they were. We had been able to learn some of their language from the ships, however most of their communications were in text, not speech. When they seemed awake enough I opened a communication channel with the room they were in and did my best to ask them who they were and to explain where they found themselves now. It turned out they had been parents of some of the children, however the ship that their offspring had occupied had been destroyed and they had made it to another ship and barely escaped. Most of the children had made it off the planet, but the parents who were to evacuate had been delayed trying to preserve as much as possible. There might be a few other ships out there with adult versions of this species, however their ships could be in worse shape than the one we had to repair. They were relieved that we were not the aliens that had attacked them, however at the same time they were concerned with how much time had passed. Once I was sure they were comfortable enough with who I was and where they were I joined them to talk with them face to face.

They were, strangely enough, glad to see that they didn't recognize my species, nor Ambri's. They had encountered a few alien races in their travels, mostly through the aliens that had decimated their planet, but most of them had been enslaved or near extinction, at least that's what they had figured out as their friends began to betray them. They were a peaceful race, having only created destructive technology at the end of their recorded history in order to defend themselves and liberate the systems that were under the rule of the Klatvix, the aliens who had destroyed their star to defeat the fleet. However, when the black hole appeared all hope was lost for them, they had not developed technology to fight against large amounts of gravity and so the ships were all destroyed either by the forces themselves or they were sucked into the black abyss. Despite all that they were relieved to hear that we were able to resist their technologies as well as find their ships and work on creating a new home for their people. Once both Ambri and I were comfortable with them we allowed them access to the rest of the station to see how we were doing and help in implementing the various systems.

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