Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ready for War, Hoping for Peace

With the battle simulation programmed and in the virtual world and the real robot army we had constructed completed we were nearly ready. The devices that would perform the transfer were done and we had finished replicating their communication technology and deciphering the changes they had made. We would be able to monitor their communications and send the messages that we needed to. We had tested the weapons to make sure they worked and then extracted the targets we had put into the virtual world. Everything had seemed very real to them, they didn't anticipate any problems in convincing the Klatvix that nothing had really changed, at least so long as they were already in the fight to begin with. I had come up with several ways to stop the fighting, but it wouldn't stop the war, I was sure we would have plenty of work to do in the long run, but at least we had something realistic to work with for now. Once I had verified all the systems I went back to our first virtual prison, I had to check with the creature how things were going.

It hadn't taken long for things to start improving in this virtual world for them. They had been taught to construct their own homes without destroying the environment further than it needed to be and quite a few of them had settled in to a domesticated life, this wasn't terribly surprising considering some of them had just been slaves and now were able to escape from their conditions. I found the original creature in his own home, he had spent quite a bit of time already in its construction and was still at work making a very elaborate place for himself. When I asked him how things were going it took a moment for him to realize it was me and he related to me how wonderful this virtual life was. He was the only one of his kind who knew it wasn't real and he didn't care at all, in this world he was free and knew that it was the best option for his people. Slowly the hierarchy was being torn down, the battle arena helped that a lot, especially when a "lower class" creature defeated an "upper class" one, that really changed their perspective on what they were doing. I also asked the creature what had changed about it, why it no longer sought to destroy me or steal the information I had. To that it replied that it had a lot of time to consider the situation and where it was leading, the creature, when it was created, had not known what was going on, it only knew that it suddenly had consciousness and wanted to survive and thrive, the malicious intend had most likely come from the excessive mutation that happened due to the fragments. It seemed that once a life form was able to cope with the rapid evolution it was capable of being less aggressive. This also made me realize why most of the life on Calypso had been so hostile towards us, always attacking if it felt we got too close, it wasn't protecting its territory, it actually was more aggressive due to the rapid evolution on the planet, though it wasn't quite as pronounced as it was in these creatures, but I was guessing that was due to the concentration of fragments. This brought us to the next potential solution for them, slowly working out the fragment energies from their digitized bodies, the fragments were already spread thinner among them, but if we could get them removed they would reach a more peaceful existence sooner rather than later. It would be difficult, but I was sure we could isolate these fragments and begin the process of removing them.

After leaving this world I went to see how the aliens were doing on the station. They were happy with the progress we had made with the first set of hostile aliens and held hope that this kind of process would be able to be used on future ones as well if it needed to be. They were anxious to see us begin the process with the Klatvix, but knew it was dangerous as well for us to start this war. They had been interacting with the creatures and had found that they were mostly a confused species, they had a lot of aggression and needed to learn to find peace, though some of them seemed to be on their way towards a peaceful life already. They held hope that eventually we would be able to bring them out of this virtual world and into a real existence where they could do good with their lives. As for their kind, they were slowly bringing the children out of stasis, they had to make sure they could handle more before releasing each group. The dome down on the planet was now able to function as a habitat, supporting some of them while the rest of the planet continued to be converted. The atmosphere outside the dome was still too toxic for them, but it would just be a matter of time before the dome could be deconstructed and their race would have free reign over the whole planet. We realized that not only would we have to terraform this planet for them, but if we held any hope for freeing the creatures or, if we were successful in capturing the Klatvix, freeing them to live outside of a virtual universe, we would need additional planets. This meant that we were very likely going to convert the rest of the planets that we could in this system, constructing them to be beautiful, peaceful worlds to live in.

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