Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Enemy's Home

Sensors picked up unusually strong forces as we approached the system and we stopped before entering it. The star that should have been there, according to the maps, was not, instead there was a distinct darkness in the area. We sent a probe ahead to investigate and as it approached it reported high gravity readings before going offline completely. The readings showed that the probe had entered the vicinity of a black hole. We approached as close as we could to get a better picture of what happened and what we saw chilled me to the bone. The star of the system had been converted into a black hole, and the planets surrounding it were being held in place by the same type of shield and gravity technologies that had been developed by the aliens who had instigated my existence on Calypso. The aliens that the children's race had been working with was the same ones that I had dealings with as well. We remained hidden and observed it all. I could just imagine how the approaching armada had come close to the planet, ready to destroy it in retaliation for their own world being destroyed when suddenly the star implodes and before they can do anything their ships are lost to the gravitational forces. It was no longer surprising how good their gravity technology was, they had planned to use it all along. Their goal wasn't to just destroy their enemy, but to make their world impervious to detection or retaliation from any force that didn't have similar technology. The aliens used other races to gain advantage over all others.

The setup they had was brilliant. Though I knew the technology came from other races, they used it with style. The forces of the black hole were kept away from the planets using gravity drives and star shielding, though I'm sure it put quite a strain on the planets as they didn't have the same output that a star did. However I was sure they were using some of the power supplies they had to also keep those shields going. The gravitational forces hid them well against all types of scans which would explain how we lost them when they retreated. The purpose they had with me became clear. They had hoped to use me to infiltrate the human and robot technologies in order to learn how they worked and bring back the technology to them so that they could use it to conquer both. Unfortunately the data that they got from the cube I ended up in wasn't complete, a lot of the knowledge depended on my understanding of it and that was why they needed to retrieve me. They must have had some experience in boosting signals and redirecting them to get my translocation to move so far away, it made me wonder why they couldn't do it again. We explored as much of their system as we could, the number of ships they had seemed endless and all of them sat comfortably next to the ominous black nothing that was once their star. The planet was devoid of life outside of their race, they had destroyed everything to become what they were now. From what I had seen of the technology on this ship I imagined it was their technology that finally developed the star shields that were necessary to protect their planet and ships completely. It made me sick to think that my small manipulations of their technology had already brought them more power, I'm sure they didn't have their gravity drives working as I was able to get them to. They probably moved as fast as the ship we had the children on before I had ended up on that research station. I quickly realized that if we stayed much longer I might try to find a way to destroy them, so once we had satisfied ourselves with our understanding of them we took off and I began working on a way to keep them where they were.

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