Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Some Help

With the help of the race that actually made the technology things were completed much quicker. We still had plenty of rooms and structures to finish up, but at least all the essential systems and some of the optional ones were working as well. The aliens also helped with where to place the different plant life to make the planet more like the home that they had known. Some of their ships were converted into permanent facilities on the planet, the first of which would be a space port to allow the ships to dock down on the planet. Some of the ships that were in good repair, including the one we had modified a bit, were fixed up some more and would be recommissioned for their use as they would be free to go to and from their planet and system. We updated the star maps in their database to include the zones that they should not enter, mostly because of the black hole but also because they would be unable to enter the system that we were protecting. We also marked the triple star system so that they wouldn't get caught in that gravitational mess as well. We stopped there however to keep them from knowing more about systems that were farther than they were aware and we did not tell them what was in some of the locations we marked off, instead we just told them that they would be unable to enter the system if they tried. We planned to eventually reveal to them more of what we had been up to, however we needed to make sure we could trust them.

When the time came the children were overjoyed to see some adults of their own species, they went over to them and jabbered on about all the things that they had seen and learned from us as well as showed them the various toys that had been constructed. The older aliens thanked us for taking care of them and trying to help them learn to survive as well as finding a place where all the children would be able to live, everything they saw that we did assured them that there were some races out there that could show compassion and could be trusted. The female adults desired to spend time with the children while the males were all business, wanting to finish the systems and make sure their race would be safe here on their new home. I left Ambri with the women and the children and returned to the work we were doing with the men, our next goal was to improve the shields so that they could maintain the safety of their new home.

We had done most of it correctly, they had some configurations to do to get the most out of the shields we were using as well as setting up a gate system that would allow ships in and out of the shielded area without having to bring down the whole system. It was helpful to be able to offload the sleeping children from the ships and then recommission them for creating the gate as well as fixing the ships that they intended to keep. The knowledge from the ship that was recommissioned was first downloaded into a database, a central repository of all their information so that any new information and data could be retained. Then the ship flew off to its location where we had a few drones take it apart and reassemble the parts to create the new structure. One of the ships kept its programming and took over the gate as it was built around it, which meant that they had an automated gate keeper. They would allow us to freely enter and leave their system, so long as it was safe on the other side of the gate. With all of this work started I decided to call it a day, but I planned to talk with them more about how their systems worked so that we could continue to advance our own technology as well as find ways to not get caught in an energy web like that again.

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