Friday, January 14, 2011

No Longer an Enemy, But an Ally

It was strange, being confronted with the very enemy you had wished to destroy and feeling pitty for their current situation. It looked pitiful just sitting there, attached as it was to the ship. The creature we had created had been betrayed by its own creation, it had been forcefully integrated into the planet ship, enhancing its capabilities and overseeing all its functions. In this state the creature was unable to use its full powers anymore, which meant that in this room I had all the power against it, they had purposely not installed any weapons in here for fear that it would try to destroy itself. When Evan joined me he was as shocked as I had been, seeing a living being forced to be the ship's computer and intelligence. Unfortunately it was no longer able to communicate in normal means, and so we can to get a console from the ship and attach it to the rest of the system in order for it to tell us what it desired to.

The race he had constructed at first were all like minded, they desired to increase in numbers and power and take over all that they could, in particular to take us out as we had left him behind in that triple star system. He understood now why we did that, having experienced his own evil come back to him, but at the time he had burned with anger. Shortly after creating so many creatures and making a fleet of ships the galaxy had a shield put around it and they were unable to leave. In their furious rage they created more creatures, ones that they allowed to evolve, and these creatures quickly figured out they were superior and took out the rest of the first generation, save for him. They knew that they had a lack of individual knowledge, but if they used him they would be able to make a ship that would be able to teach them everything they needed to know. After creating the start of this ship the second generation began working on other generations, creating servants, workers, scientists, etc. as they saw fit to do. The one thing they couldn't create, and they hadn't figured out why yet, was a class of super-intelligent creatures that would be able to overcome their inability to leave the system and take over the rest of the galaxy. The reason, as the creature explained, was that he still had some personal function left in the ship and he made them all go mad before they could realize their potential, however his powers were weakening and he needed to find a way to stop his own creation from doing what it intended to do. This was when he detected us, we had entered the system and approached the ship, he kept all the systems from alerting the others so that we could get on board and, hopefully, find a way to liberate him and destroy the rest.

We informed him that, unfortunately, we had no desire to destroy an entire race of beings, however evil they may be. We did intend to find a way to imprison another race though and the same method might work for this race as well. In order to capture them all, however, we would need some help from him. We could leave a way for him to destroy himself, however we had another idea for him if he could bear to suffer in this form for awhile, but we needed him to get all the ships to enter the planet ship and then use the heavy energy gravity drive to transport them all to a certain location before he decided if he wanted to destroy himself or listen to the idea when it was time. He informed us that this wouldn't be a problem. With that we made our plans and modifications that we needed to in order to give him more control over his planet ship, we then used the shaft to get as far back up the ship as possible before having to sneak our way quickly back to Niracina. It didn't take long to reach her, we had been able to bypass a lot of security by giving him more access, I just hoped that we made the right choice and would be able to go through with our plans. Once we were on board we waited for another ship to dock and slipped out again. It would only take a few hours to implement the technology and create our virtual prisons.

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