Friday, January 7, 2011

Technology Bartering

This was where things got a bit tricky. They were more than willing to teach me about their technology, so long as I had some technology I'd be willing to teach them. Of course I had plenty of technology that would be of benefit to them, however I had to be careful not to give them more than what they could handle. Clearly the power supply was out of the question as it would allow them to supercharge their ships and go on a suicide run against the Klatvix. However, we had already implemented a minor version of the construction system we used, so that technology should pose little threat and it would allow them to better use the resources they had. It took probably about half the day for the exchange of technical information to take place. Transferring the data was the easy part, it was translating it so that we fully understood it that took awhile. Once we had the information we uploaded it to our central repository where Evan poured over it, he had been looking for a new project. The aliens got to work building their construction terminals.

Ambri enjoyed having time with some other women, talking about more girly things. They didn't have everything in common but they had enough to chat through most of the previous day and evening and then again today. I finally interrupted her long enough to see how she was doing and what her thoughts were of this race of aliens. She assured me that she was doing wonderfully and that these aliens were probably the nicest ones she'd ever met and she didn't have any fear of them, she did however mention how much the aliens wanted to ensure the other race could no longer do as they had done to them. I had the same concern, but still no solutions as to how to contain them.

Their own technology that we had used against them would have been perfect, but without a star in the system we could not do it, the other option would be to utilize the new energy web technology, however I was not sure we could power something like that for very long without using up all available resources and even then it would be strained when they attacked it, which I had no doubt that they would be doing constantly, their power sources weren't that much weaker than ours. An all out attack might work if we constructed an army of fighter probes to do all the work for us, however that would make us little better than they were. There were plenty of ideas, each with their own problems and simply no solutions to any of them at this time.

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