Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Time of Peace

It was nice to have no need to rush, we didn't feel pressured to reach the cubes, they were mostly non-functional without commands to follow. I hadn't imagined there were so many, but when we had sent out the query for location the responses had been amazing. There were so many cubes, many of which that had not seen or heard from their creators in quite a long time. Some of them had been equipped with drives to allow for faster travel while others had been placed in systems and had never really moved. Each one had a unique purpose, though we would only be able to figure out these purposes when we picked them up. The first cube we decided to go after was one we had seen before, it had been moved since then but we found its location pretty quickly. It was the cube that maintained communications with the other cubes, it was the only one we could receive a signal from directly, but once we had it that would all change.

The information that was being delivered to us from the station was invaluable, each cube had a common system to allow access and would respond once Niracina finished evolving her equivalent to it. We also found the code we would need to give the cubes to make them recognize us as their new masters. But the most exciting thing we found was that each cube not only served a single purpose, but they also represented a piece of technology from another alien race, and if we identified the cube we may be able to find out where the alien race's home world was and try to make peace with them, I was sure the fact that we had captured the Klatvix would help us in that endeavor, at least if the aliens had survived the encounter. We had hopes that some of them had survived, we knew of at least the one for now, but if there were others we would be happy to make friends with them or help them out if their home were destroyed as well.

As for homes, Nasero reported that his planet was now without dome, the atmosphere had been converted to a point where it would finish itself without assistance, this allowed him to use the dome's resources to construct a research station and manufacturing facility. It would be run by the drones he constructed and he would maintain full control over them. He also reported that the creatures that had lived in his biodome were now multiplying on the planet, each area of it being picked up by a different set of critters. This made Ambri happy, as she loved seeing the cute, gentle ones and knew that more space would mean more safety for a lot of them. With all this good news from him I knew that this meant he would be able to focus more of his attention on the triple star system stations, I knew he was anxious to come up with better power sources, even more so now that we had need of the excess power to increase our simulation capacity. Overall, things were looking up, there were no conflicts we needed to address, the planets were being terraformed as we had hoped and we were on an easy mission to bring in the last of the Klatvix technology.

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