Thursday, January 13, 2011


As we neared the doors I noticed the security surrounding it. There were numerous offensive devices all over it, most of them I recognized as my own design. The weapons were pointed at us, and the thing that made me feel horrible about the situation we were in was that they were following our movements. We should have been dead long before we even saw the weapons, their accuracy I knew of and their potency mixed with their numbers would have ripped us to shreds, yet they didn't. As I gazed back at the door before us I noticed it wasn't like the other doors. In fact, it looked like the aliens had attempted to make it like the others but the defenses shot the connections apart. There was a lone terminal attached to it, but it was completely isolated from the rest of the system. Evan walked up to it and as he was about to touch it the terminal came to life and the doors began to open. Something was expecting us and I wasn't sure I liked the thought of being expected. Once the doors were opened we knew we had little choice but to go through them, that was what whatever controlled this wanted us to do and the guns would make sure that if we didn't do what we were supposed to that we would do nothing more in our lives.

Once through the doors they began to close again, due to their size it wasn't quick and we could have escaped, but curiosity was getting the better of both of us at this point. Once the doors shut I was aware of a mindforce field surrounding us and realized that our translocation ability had just been blocked as well as any communications we were enjoying with Niracina. The only connection I could still feel, and it was faint for the first time ever, was with Ambri. I could sense her displeasure at what had just happened but I did my best to get the message to her that we were still okay. Before us was nothing but blackness, a long corridor from what I could tell, with no light. As we proceeded down the corridor the light came with us, following us along the wall. It was clear our stealth was not doing what we had hoped and so we turned it off. We also took some scans and found that the atmosphere here was suited to us and retracted our helmets. There was a thin layer of dust on the ground and our feet made tiny poofs rise up with every step. It was so very quiet down here and the passage seemed so long that I could not tell if we were going deeper into the planet ship or making our way back up, if it weren't for Evan being there with me I would have sworn I was dead and this was going to be my new eternity.

Eventually we came to the end of the passage, it opened into a very large chamber and as we stepped in the whole thing lit up. Inside was the ship, the first one that we had designed together. For me it was a memory, but for Evan it was a wonder, he knew that he had been a ship but hadn't fully realized how he had looked. He began instantly to scan it, learning about all its outer features. As we made our way around it the door to the ship opened and we were allowed inside. The terminals came to life the moment we approached them and Evan was able to start gathering all the data he desired on the old technology, including the ability to store living things as heavy energy. While he busied himself with this I made it my mission to find out why things were so easy at this point and why we were being accomodated, even beckoned to come do what we were doing. The ship proved to be empty, but once outside the ship again I noticed some connections running to another part of the chamber. As I made my way towards it I saw a door to another room, the door opened as I approached and when I entered I thought my eyes deceived me, what was on the other side was horrible, yet gave me a feeling of satisfaction coupled with pitty.

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