Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Simple Picnic

We always ended up here when we came to this world, a field of tall grasses and flowers. The sweet smell of it all filled the air, that was always the first thing I noticed, it was fresh and clean and sweet. The next thing I always noticed was the warm wind playing with the plants, making them wave and bow. After appreciating these things for a moment I heard the sound of something moving through the field which made me turn. My eyes fixed upon what had made it, Ambri was moving her hands through the grass, the seeded heads felt slightly tacky this time of year and soon the seeds would be done maturing and the field would go dormant until the next generation started growing. When she had finished her exploration of the grass she moved to my side and slipped her arm through mine, she was wearing a long, sleeveless, deep blue dress. On her feet were some simple sandals, which was not a normal accessory for her but she was learning to like them, at least when she walked through the field. She had put her hair up today, I could just imagine the chore that had been, but she did it because she knew it had a tendancy to get tangled with everything here and she wanted to avoid having anything stuck in it while we were enjoying our time together. At her side was a basket of food, I could smell the scent of the fresh bread and the sweet fruit that she had brought along. Today we had decided it would be good to enjoy the warm weather and have a picnic. We had a spot we liked next to a small stream, it would take a little while to walk there but we didn't mind, it was nice to have the time to talk and enjoy the fresh air a little longer. It wouldn't just be the two of us this time, which was okay, we enjoyed her company as well, it just always took her a moment to catch up to us, she did so much love lying in the field for awhile. As we made our way to the edge of the grass I heard her coming, we both turned to watch her approach. The first thing that always stood out was the dark, deep forest green hair, it was nearly black it was so dark and in a field of gold it stood out. Her hair was long and straight and so it waved in the breeze and bounced about with each step. As she came closer the you could see the greenish tint to her skin, it had been getting darker with the extra exposure to the sun. She was amazing to watch, such a thin, tall figure with fluid movements. Her body didn't have very many curves to it, even her face lacked any deep features, her nose being thin and nearly flush with her face and her lips being but a thin line between her cheeks, but her eyes were brilliant and full of life, though it was hard sometimes to look at those deep crimson pools. The iris took up most of the eye, leaving little white to show. As I took it all in she smiled, it was a sweet smile and warmed my heart to see it, she knew I was once again taking in all the features she had designed this body with. It was still strange to see Niracina this way, but it was nice to be able to interact with her as a being instead of just as a ship. She looked at me as a daughter would look at her father, she had worked hard to make a form that I would approve of, and though it had been a very simple design she had done a fine job with it. We were a strange looking bunch I imagined, but together we were a family. We quickly continued on to our spot by the stream and had our picnic, when we were done it took only a few moments for the surroundings to fade and for us to find ourselves back on the ship.

It has been a very fascinating experience making your primary home in an organic, intelligent ship. The fact that she can control her own evolution is an amazing thing to witness. All the potential upgrades we had come up with for her systems were nearly done, including the non-lethal weapons that would allow her to transport a potential enemy to a virtual world. One of the more interesting things she was growing though was her own virtual world. She had developed it in two ways, the first being a world in which she herself was living and which we often used to enjoyed some time together and the other where she could store prisoners. Both were quite lovely, but in the prison one there was no communications with her, she could monitor it all she wanted but you were not aware of anything but the world. In the one she lived in she could still monitor everything and you could do the same too if you focused on it, it was a strange feeling actually, in her world when you focused on the outside you could feel the things that she felt, all the parts of the ship, the different forces of the universe, I actually could know what it felt like to be a ship. The more amazing thing about it though was the immense detail she put into it, the sights, the smells, the tastes, she was making sure to include all the details to an even deeper level than we had accomplished in our original simulations, which of course meant that Evan was working to keep up with her. Niracina's imagination was a lot more developed than we had originally thought, I knew she wasn't designed with it but the fact that she had it made her a very amazing ship.

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