Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Battle Plans

Knowing that amnesia wouldn't be inducible in the virtual world I would have to settle for reconstructing a good portion of the known universe around them. It was easy enough with all the data the probes had been able to gather, the more difficult section being where they were, but given our stealth we were able to get some good scans and would get more quickly if we were able to trap them in this virtual world. In order to contain them I came up with a plausible technology, though in actuality it didn't work due to the limits we had reached so far. The faked technology was furthering their star shields, we made it seem like we had found a way to overcome the limited power, likely by boosting it with a new type of power source, and linked multiple stars that surrounded their system and creating a very large bubble in which they would be unable to escape. To prevent them from seeing beyond this bubble we would make it look like we combined the net shield technology as well, which they would be aware of but did not have themselves. With these virtual combinations we would be able to make it plausible that we had trapped them, we just then had to have as much accuracy as possible in the things contained within the bubble, this of course would only be able to be completed once we had captured all of them. We then implemented some ships in the universe that would allow us to interact with them, they were programmed with our technology but rendered unscannable and with shields that their current technology would not be able to penetrate. Once that was done I began working on a plan that would get them all to jump at once, I knew this time we wouldn't be able to store them, that had nearly been a disaster with the last capture, so we needed to set this up near some stars with gates in them, that way we could capture and transmit right away. We also worked out a way to have the system automatically redirect the non-living energy to a different storage location so that we wouldn't have to strain our systems while filtering through it all manually.

Unfortunately there would be no simple one time capture of them all, there were simply too many and they wouldn't all be on the ships. We could come up with some weapons that would capture and transmit individually, but we would be discovered quickly if we tried to do this from the beginning. We would have to create a full war plan with different waves of attacks as well as some other tactics to make the rest of them commit to the battle as well. We could make numerous drones and probes to attack the planet, we had plenty of resources now with the captured planet ship and we wouldn't need any crystals because we had the first set of technology, we just hoped they didn't anticipate any offensive use of this and create some defenses already. Seeing the construction of so many machines made me uneasy, I pictured the robots that we had been fighting against on Calypso and just hoped we weren't going too far. The last problem we had to overcome was making sure Niracina had enough power to stay alive and use her redirection weapon to make sure the jumps took each ship to where it needed to be, we just hoped the additional power generators would be enough for the entirety of the mission. This of course also meant I had to change the simulation a bit, instead of suddenly finding themselves back around their planet I would have to continue the war on the inside until they were all captured and we could simulate a conclusion, this would be difficult to fake, but we could probably continue a war indefinitely inside there if we needed to, but I hoped they would be able to eventually find peace in there.

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