Monday, January 24, 2011

Removing Control

With the Klatvix fleet captured and scans of their planets revealing no signs of life we had finished our task. We quickly deconstructed the technologies we had put in place and had the drones and probes return to the station to be decommissioned. We didn't want that many machines to be at our disposal and the resources would be invaluable in improving our current technologies. Once we had finished cleaning up the war zone we deployed the probes with the necessary technology upgrades to remove the star shields from the systems we didn't need to maintain control over, which was most of them. Once that was done I began making plans for our next task. We had successfully captured both of the hostile alien races we needed to at this time, but we had not finished making sure their control outside of the virtual universe was gone. There were still the black cubes floating around and we would need to gather them all up. I didn't anticipate many problems in this task, it would just take some time. We already had the communication system we needed to find them, and the stations would respond without question, they were very accomodating when they weren't in use. When I had finished making the necessary plans I went to see if Ambri and Niracina would want to go on this mission or if they had other desires.

Ambri wanted to join me, she still wanted to see more of the universe and Niracina was also ready to go as well. She had no desire to do anything different than to travel around with me, she did request however that we remove the technology we had installed before going, it felt foreign to her still and she didn't like it. This we quickly did and she assured us that she was already growing the new technology herself. She had learned quite a bit during the battle and had many plans for improving her systems, but she wanted to make sure they were grown and evolved and not manufactured and grafted to her. I then went to see how the Klatvix simulation was doing, we would be leaving soon and I wanted to make sure it was working out as planned.

Progress in their virtual war was faster than I imagined, they wasted little time in destroying the rest of the ships that were on our side and forcing us to retreat. They attempted to pursue us but the shield we had planned activated and they were trapped. They tried a few things to get through it or disable it, but knowing what it was they quickly returned to their home system and finished off any remaining drones or probes. This of course gave them some new technology to work with, but it was nothing we feared they would gain an advantage from. The ships then departed again to learn the constraints of their system and to see if they could find a way out. Not finding one they returned to their system and continued as they had been when the war started, I assumed they were still researching technology to try to overcome our shields. Once I was satisfied with the progress I asked Evan if he would be willing to continue developing their virtual universe, we knew eventually they would find some technology that should be able to overcome our shields and we would need to have something else for them to do in there. He of course was more than willing to do this, it would give him access to more of their information and allow him to learn more about those who created his original form. With everything in order we left the station and the planet in the capable hands of Evan and the aliens and began our mission to find the remaining cubes.

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