Monday, January 3, 2011

Preparing Homes

I was sure the net shield technology would be enough to hold back the fleet of ships, but I wasn't sure how it would stand up against the black hole. Even if I knew we could resist that the other problem was that our power sources, though very potent, would not be able to sustain a shield like that for very long. The energy they put out was nearly infinite, at least when maintained at a reasonable level, however when you stretched it the power quickly depleted and the unit had to have the reaction started again before it would be any good. We modified the alien ship's communication system to start talking to the other ships, trying to figure out where they were. There weren't many, but each of them were running into the problem of running out of resources to care for their sleeping inhabitants. We decided the best thing to do until we could figure out how to overcome the dilemma we faced with the hostile aliens would be to use our time to get the children and their brethren to a new planet that we could protect. Due to their already advanced technology we needed to ensure that the system they were in didn't already have some life existing in it. We were lucky enough that some of the ships reported DNA samples from life that existed on their home world, so once we found a suitable planet we would be able to reintroduce the life that they would be familiar with.

Nasero was making excellent progress in his ability to terraform using the means of expanding slowly. He had been able to develop some ships that could automate the process once they had been given the life and resources they needed to work with. These ships would not be organic, we didn't need too many sentient ships flying around the universe. He informed us that there were many planets suitable to terraforming, we just needed to pick one. We opted for one that was in a system we already had control over, this made the process of getting all the materials there quite a bit easier. The ship wouldn't take long to construct, there were plenty of resources available as the ship wouldn't use much of the rare resources. We would opt for using our solar technologies instead of our primary power source. Once the ship was finished we sent out a message to all the ships that had life on them to come to the location we had decided on. This, of course, took some convincing and remote reprogramming for most of them to listen to us, however once they were all on their way we had the new ship settle on the surface of the planet we chose and begin its process of constructing a base.

As the ships began arriving we provided them with materials to keep their alien children in stasis until we were ready. We collected the DNA from the ones that had it and began the process of growing the plants in the base, these plants would be used to start converting the atmosphere as they matured. The process would be a bit slower than what Nasero was doing, but we didn't have the advantage of fragments. Once we had everything set up and ready I went to check on Ambri who had been busy entertaining the children on the other ship. When I entered the control room where they were the children ran over to show me all the things they had been playing with, a few of them were even able to say the names of the objects they held. Ambri had been teaching them as best she could, they were eager students when they weren't busy trying to take something apart or playing with their toys. These children would end up having to teach the others when it was time to wake them up, they would be the elders at a very young age. We realized this project could take awhile and so we began collected the resourced necessary to make the next orbiting base around the planet we were adapting to our needs. We would have yet another place to call home for awhile.

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