Thursday, January 27, 2011

The First of Many

Being able to interact with Niracina in the virtual world made our bond with her much stronger. We could experience things together that simply were not possible when she was a ship, and watching her learn new things through her virtual body was wonderful as well. She was like a child with her interactions, though she had created this world she had no idea what it would be like. Some of the sensations that she felt were only possible after we helped her get them configured properly. Her favorite though was feeling the sun upon her skin, the warmth of it was much better than what she felt through her hull. We had been spending quite a bit of time in this virtual world, watching it grow and expand and change seasons. She hadn't quite figured out how fast she wanted seasons to pass and how she wanted the seasons to act so we had a different experience every day. She could have made it different every moment, but for our sake she slowed it down so we could enjoy it with her. The girls definitely grew closer together in this virtual world, they would often leave me to my explorations so that they could spend some time together talking. It was wonderful, but unfortunately we had to leave it at the end of each day and that was difficult. She understood why we had to leave but wished that we could stay or that she could leave with us, but we simply didn't have that kind of technology on her yet. It would be possible in the future when she could grow the technology for us to enter it as heavy energy, but it would put a heavy strain on her at this time.

When we finally arrived at the first cube we wasted little time in docking with it, the technology that Niracina had evolved worked perfectly and we had instant access to the cube. Interactions with it didn't work at first, however, it recognized me and it still wasn't authorized to give me any information, however we were able to upload the new programming and once it had permeated the system it became quite a bit more accomodating to us. We were able to extract all the information it had about all the other cubes as well as get the information we needed to evolve our systems to become the center of all cube communications, this would allow us to have greater control over them when we arrived as well as being able to track them with quite a bit more accuracy. This of course would take some time, so we first determined the location of the next cube, once this was done and all the plans were made we left the cube and had it compact itself, there would be no need for a chamber inside of it now and we would be able to store it safely until we could offload it at one of the stations. Once this business was done Ambri wasted little time in going back to visit with Niracina, I however spent some time going over the information we had gathered and learning about this cube and the next one we were going to visit.

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