Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unfortunate Friendship

The new base was going to be quite a bit different. Because we were creating it around a planet that would have already advanced life living on it and we intended for the aliens to be able to use it we decided to use mostly their technology. It was adequate enough to do what we needed. The base would be on a different communication system, the same one the ships were using. We constructed large rooms for the sleeping children to be placed into instead of having to remain on the ships, the ships that were then freed up could go and assist any other ships that had been damaged or were otherwise unable to make the journey alone. The modifications we had come up with were also added to the new station, ensuring that children would not be able to access and modify the systems until they were old enough to be able to handle it. Their technology was very interesting, each component was capable of acting independently but all of their functions were magnified when properly connected to one another. Ambri spent her time designing and implementing the school that would enable the aliens to be taught their own history as well as learn our language along with their own so that we could communicate with them and they could keep their own heritage. Niracina implemented a compatible communication system as well, so we now had two different systems to monitor. As far as protecting the planet, the best we could do was string together multiple web shields that would create a barrier as well as prevent any technology that wasn't sophisticated enough from being able to scan or detect the existence of this planet and station. The children were given a simplified interface in their own room to have some toys constructed, this involved a small upgrade to the existing alien technology, however it would facilitate in their learning and being able to survive on their own when we were done constructing their new home. With all the designs in place and the construction underway I had Niracina take me down to the terraforming station on the planet, I wanted to see some of it at work and there was an observation chamber that would protect me from the toxic air that was currently still on the planet.

The plants were doing well in the station. They were growing quickly and changing the atmosphere on the planet faster than we could have hoped. Eventually we would be able to start allowing the planets to be moved outside the protective dome to grow but for now they still needed to be cared for due to the lack of a proper atmosphere. Some of the chemicals that had to be fixed in the air on the planet were being stored in containers, the planets would not be able to handle them, however there were uses for them and so Nasero planned to have a transport ship constructed when this process finished to bring him the containers. As I looked at the various plants I couldn't help but be saddened that the only thing we would be able to restore were these, the animal life on the planet had not been well preserved from their home world and so we would only have a few domesticated specimens to populate this world with along with the children. I'm sure they would get by, but it was a pity that there were no DNA samples in order to bring the creatures back. From what I could see of their historical archives was that the creatures of the planet were very curious in nature. Most of them would get into trouble by exploring the other things and creatures around them, often times this would be how a carnivore would catch its prey, then once it had eaten it would wander off and likely find its way into exploring the very thing that wanted to eat it. The creatures got pretty big on the planet, but the aliens survived by controlling their curiosity and eventually they began to develop into an advanced culture.

Once they had reached the stage of space exploration they met the other aliens who they made friends with, or at least that was what their impression was. As was evident with what remained of their planet this friendship didn't last too long though it did lead to quite a few advancements before the war began. From what I could tell they had originally planned to share all technological advances, but when they noticed the differences in the advancing alien technology some of them realized this may not turn out as they had hoped and so these individuals began developing other technologies in secret, hoping to ensure their own survival if things went sour. The history was a little fuzzy as to when the war ships were constructed, but it was clear that it came from the relationship being strained. The aliens accused them of holding back their technology, to which they replied by saying that they were doing the same. This of course lead to arguments about who had the better offensive and defensive technologies and so on until the argument turned in to a war. It was difficult to go over all their history, it was full of so many good potentials that were crushed. Had they never met the aliens they would have become a great race that would have been beneficial to any other races they encountered.

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