Sunday, January 16, 2011

Populating the World

When we made it to the location where we had set up the net and temporary storage system we found that it had worked, the ship and all its inhabitants were safely stored, however the system's power wasn't going to last very long. The data was much larger than anticipated and we were straining the power supply. We quickly transferred the data from the temporary system to Niracina, who then flew towards the nearest star. Her power systems wouldn't be adequate enough to store all this data for very long either, however with the solar energy from the star and the ability to absorb the ambient heat energy coming from it she would be able to hold onto it for quite awhile. Once we were in a position where we weren't going to lose all our power we calculated how much time we could hold onto the energy once we moved from where we were. Unfortunately the farther we got from a star the faster she would be drained, however if we created a gate in this star we wouldn't have to be any distance from any star. It took awhile for the probes to be deployed from Nasero, he had to recover a few resources before they could be construced. These probes then had to go to the bases to gather the necessary resources to make a gate and a heavy energy broadcast system. Once they did make it to our location it didn't take long for the gate to be made, then all we had to do was use the broadcast system to send the data from our location to the base where the prison was set up, however we would have to work quickly as once the data hit that location we would have to seperate the living from the non-living energy signatures so that we could extract what wasn't needed in the virtual world and be able to power the system for more than a couple of hours.

The probes that made the gate for us then went and deconstructed the capturing device and the two temporary gates, we didn't want some other aliens to find it and learn of our abilities, particularly if those aliens were the Klatvix. We then went back to the base and got to work extracting all the non-living life from the heavy energy, this ended up boosting our supply of materials quite a bit and the energy being stored in the proper system didn't have the same kind of drain. We then got to work identifying each of the individual life signatures that was stored in this data, I wanted to find the signature of the creature we had created first, he would be the first to be reconstituted in the virtual world which would allow us to get some feedback and make some changes before starting to transfer the rest of them into the system. To fully locate him I had to go into the virtual world and be allowed to feel the different energies, eventually finding the one that felt so familiar. His energy pattern still made me shudder a bit, but once we found it I left the virtual world and used the interfaces to be represented by my avatar instead of actually being there. Once I was ready we transferred his energy from the mass into the system, his body was reconstituted apart from what he had become, allowing him to move freely about. Once he was oriented he moved towards me and inquired why there appeared to be a fog in his mind, this made me realize that the amnesia wasn't going to work fully. I explained this to him and he gave me a better idea.

Once the changes were made I modified my avatar's look to be like the aliens who were on this station with us, it would be important to maintain that there were only two types of aliens now in this virtual world, at least for now. We then brought in the first few creatures, they were greeted by the aliens and the first creature who we brought in and it was explained to them that something happened in the planet ship jump that nearly destroyed them all, however these advanced aliens were able to save the living creatures from the disaster and bring them to this planet. They of course realized they were vulnerable and attempted to attack, however we had changed the programming in this world to prevent them from actually being able to cause any harm, confused about this it was then explained that these aliens had a way of preventing violence while on this planet, which also meant any violence towards the planet itself, meaning they would be unable to mine, limiting them to very basic technology and unable to leave the planet for now, however the aliens would do their best to assist them in finding a new home if that was their desire. This they accepted for now and we continued to follow these same steps for the rest of the creatures. After the first few were introduced and everything seemed to be going as planned I left the virtual world and got some rest, I was completely exhausted from all that had been going on.

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